Auntie Anne’s Franchisor SPV LLC is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Focus Brands LLC. Auntie Anne’s retail shops offer fresh-baked soft pretzels, lemonade, and related foods and beverages. The franchisor provides single Auntie Anne’s Shop and Auntie Anne’s Concession Shop franchises, as the Shop, where the Franchisee manufactures and sells a whole line of Auntie Anne’s items, including alcoholic drinks. The Franchisee manufactures and sells a variety of Auntie Anne’s goods from the temporary stand at a concession trailer, farmers’ market, or food truck.

In addition, the franchisor may offer eligible franchisees the opportunity to lease & operate the Satellite Retail Unit as an extra selling location in which an existing store is located in specific situations and subject to availability. The franchisor may also offer eligible franchisees the opportunity to run a Pretzel Bike Unit as an extra selling operation within a one-mile area of their current store in specific situations and subject to availability.

Anne F. Beiler, with her husband, Jonas started Auntie Anne’s, Inc., an American pretzel business, in 1988. Pretzels, dips, & drinks are available at Auntie Anne’s. Pretzels and or Other Homemade Baking Mix are also available. The business has over 1,500 sites around the country, including malls & Walmart stores and non-traditional retail settings such as colleges, parking lots, airports, railway stations, amusement parks, travel plazas, and military posts. As of 2011, their motto is “Pretzel Perfect.”

Auntie Anne’s in a Pennsylvania farmers market became one of the world’s most recognizable pretzel franchises, with over 1,800 stores in 48 states & 25 countries.

They provide a complete list of locations customized to your goals to our franchise owners. Auntie Anne’s is a popular option no matter where you go because it is such a well-known brand.

In 1988, the business began as a market stall at the Downingtown Farmers Market in Pennsylvania. The Saturday’s Market in Middletown, Pennsylvania, was the first site for the brand. In 1992, Auntie Anne opened their 100th Shop in Granite Ridge Mall in Media, Pennsylvania.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Cost

You should have a minimum liquid fund of $150,000 and a total net amount worth $260,000 to invest in The Auntie Anne’s business. The initial investment for a franchise should be between $211,400 & $339,900. The franchise cost for this Auntie Anne’s business is about $39,900. They also provide third-party financing as well as veteran discounts.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Total Cost

The 49 significant franchise costs (ranging from the first franchise fee to the royalty charge to 47 other expenses listed in overall items 5 & 6 of Auntie Anne’s 2020 FDD) will be $59,000 if you’re thinking about buying an Auntie Anne’s business. The initial franchise fee will range between $20,000 and $30,000. You must pay an initial franchise fee (the “Initial Franchise Fee”) when you enter a Franchise Agreement for just an Auntie Anne’s Shop. And this Shop’s total Franchise Fee is $80,000.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Fees

Auntie Anne’s is now the world’s biggest pretzel business, with a distinctive in-store baking technique that produces deliciously fresh, hot pretzels that are excellent for dipping in a range of sauces. Auntie Anne’s franchise expenses include a 30,000 franchise charge, 75,000 in liquid cash, and 400,000 in net worth, a 199,475 to 380,100 investment, and a 30,000 franchise fee.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Expenses

The first franchise charge of $20,000 to $30,000 is included in Auntie Anne’s franchise costs.

You should pay an initial franchise fee (the “Initial Franchise Fee”) when you sign any Franchise Agreement for the Auntie Anne’s Shop. The Shop’s first franchise expense is $30,000. You will receive a 10% reduction on the initial franchise expense for the second and any subsequent franchises you acquire.

When you create a second fixed baking inline and kiosk Shop in the same site or location, Auntie Anne’s is presently offering a $5,000 discount on the Initial Franchise Fee. Satellite Retail Units and Pretzel Bike Units are not eligible for this second Shop incentive scheme (PBUs). At any moment, Auntie Anne has the right to prolong or terminate any of these initiatives. Its Initial Franchise Expense is $20,000 for a qualified veteran or member of the Auntie Anne’s.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Owner Salary

The average income for an Auntie Anne’s Franchise Business Owner is $66,242. Auntie Anne’s Franchise Business Consultant salaries vary from $60,423 to $81,470 per year. The figure is based on three Auntie Anne’s Franchise Business Consultants compensation report(s) or estimates based on statistical methodologies. Therefore, a Franchise Business Consultant at Auntie Anne’s could continue to earn an average total salary of $66,243 after bonuses and other compensation. And see how this compares up against other Franchise Business Consultant salaries; look at all of the salaries for Franchise Business Consultant.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Revenue

You should pay initial revenue (the “Initial Franchise Fee”) whenever you execute a Franchise Agreement for the Auntie Anne’s Shop. A Shop’s first franchise fee is $30,000.

$199,475 to $385,100 is the first investment range. Auntie Anne’s® demands that potential candidates acquire adequate cash to satisfy the store’s financial requirements.

The Auntie Anne’s franchise Application Process

The Franchise Recruitment Procedure, a six-stage procedure covering the road to be a franchisee, is depicted below. Each process will be fulfilled in order to become a member of Auntie Anne’s network, from the first application through the Grand Opening event.

  •       Phase Of Application

The Initial contact (phone call) or the Initial meeting should be fixed. Documents relating to non-disclosure agreements as P&L and Startup Costs should get ready.

  •       Due Diligence 

It is a term used to describe the process of doing checks on credit, and criminal records, psychometric evaluations, a shift in the trial, a study project, franchisees who already have a franchise, and the discussion about the location should be completed.

  •       Procedural Instructions

The agent begins looking for the property when a location has been decided and a deposit has been paid.

  •       Location & Legality Location

The property will be identified, and a business plan will be presented; solicitors will consult, make a design, and then the franchise agreement is struck.

  •       Construction And Training

Your Shop will get constructed, and then the staff recruitment & training Grand opening plans should start.

  •       The Official Grand Opening

You’re now fully open for business and trading. The Ireland Network & Auntie Anne’s UK is delighted to welcome you!

  •       Timeline And Upcoming Actions

The amount of time required to complete the procedure is determined by a few factors. The process should go easily and take about 4-5 months from start to finish. However, this is highly dependent on how long it would take to identify and acquire a home.

  •         Can you buy The Auntie Anne’s franchise?

Yes, you certainly can! The franchisor is Auntie Anne’s Franchisor, SPV LLC. Focus Brands LLC owns the franchisor through an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary. Fresh-made soft pretzels, lemonade, and other associated snacks and drinks are available at Auntie Anne’s retail locations. $199,475 – $385,100 is the first investment range. 

  •         How much does Auntie Anne’s franchise owner make?

Individual franchise locations’ earnings will vary based on a variety of criteria, including location & demographic, operating expenses, sales, as well as the franchise founder’s general ability to administer & manage the franchise site. The average owner’s salary is around $60,000.

  •         How much does the average The Auntie Anne’s franchise make?

The Top 30’s financial reporting is increased by 16 percent, reaching $89,749.

The average yearly profitability of a food franchisee, as per the report, is $77,511, which would be 13% larger than the maximum profitability of every Franchisee.

  •         Can I open The Auntie Anne’s franchise?

Auntie Anne’s® provides a complete list of venues customized to your goals to all franchisees. Auntie Anne’s® is the popular option no matter where you go because it is a well-known brand.

Urban Street Retail, Shopping Malls, Colleges and Universities, Airports, Train Stations, Outlet Centers, Commissaries, Travel Plazas, Food Trucks, Entertainment Centers, and Pop-up Stores are some of the venue possibilities available.

The IN-LINE Online Store is one of the build-out choices available; the minimum square footage needed is 400 square feet, and the equipment requirements vary depending on the site circumstances. In this case, the kiosk must be at least 200 square feet; the backroom storage must be at least 200 square feet, as well as the equipment requirements vary depending on the venue. The minimal square footage of a satellite shop varies depending on the design, which is supplied by an established online store, bakery kiosk, or commissary. For example, the co-brand kiosk should have minimum square footage of 100 square feet and a back-of-house space of 350 square feet. Likewise, the size requirements for food trucks vary depending on the design. The anticipated initial expenditure ranges from $145,550 to $253,500*, depending on the size of the co-brand shop (minimum 1,200 square feet) as well as the equipment requirements.

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise net worth requirements

The worth requirement include the Estimated Initial Investment as the Initial Franchise Fee is $35,500-$35,500, Construction and Build Out Costs is $27,000 to $194,000, Permitting is $2,000-$4,000, Equipment Package up to $21,000-$47,000, the Millwork is $5,000-$24,000, Furniture is $0-$2,500, the Menu Board, Graphics, & Interior Signage is $250-$12,000, Exterior Signage is $1,500-$6,500, Computer System is $6,000-$24,000, Smallwares is $1,000-$4,500, Architect/Engineer is $2,000-$12,000, the rent is $2,000-$10,000, Grand Opening Marketing is $1,000-$5,000, the Legal and Accounting Fees are $5,000-$10,000, the Insurance package starts from $2,000-$10,000, Misc. Opening Costs/Office Supplies start from $13,000-$25,000, whereas, the Security Deposits is $0-$15,000, the Travel and Living Expenses during Training is $1,000-$7,500, the Opening Inventory will be $3,300-$4,000, upto 3 months, the Additional Funds needed is $15,000-$51,000. And the estimated total requirement needed is $143,550-$503,500 for real estate.

  •         How much money do you need to start The Auntie Anne’s franchise?

$199,475 to $385,100 is the first expenditure range. You’ll need a minimum of $100,000 in liquid cash to start your new business as the Franchisee with The Joint. An initial investment between $199,475 – $385,100, a total wealth requirement of $400,000, as well as a liquid cash minimum of $120,000, are all required to start an Auntie Anne’s franchise. Additionally, $30,000 is ongoing charge (initial franchise fee), a 7% continuing royalty rate, and the 1% ad royalty fee.

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise owner income

The average yearly profitability of the food franchisee, according to the report, is $77,511, which is 13% greater than the average profit of all franchisees. It’s Top 30’s average profitability increases by 16 percent, to $89,749.

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise profit margin

One of the causes is Auntie Anne’s low entrance barrier; the typical first investment ranges from about $200,000 – $384,000. In addition, the shops, which are primarily found in malls, can fit into compact spaces, lowering leasing rates and operating costs. As per the corporation’s 2007 offering letter, overall average revenues were $446,749, with an operating profit of $99,089, for a margin over 22%.

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise requirements

Each franchise company will be required to pay around $400 annually (two representatives are authorized) and $75 for each new participant. Every single-unit Franchisee pays $200 per year. The franchise cost ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. You should pay the initial franchise fee (the “Initial Franchise Fee”) whenever you execute a Franchise Agreement for just an Auntie Anne’s Shop. The Shop’s first franchise fee will be $30,000.

  •         How much is Auntie Anne’s franchise fee?

Auntie Anne’s has a franchise fee of up to $30,000, with a total initial investment range of $199,475 to $385,100, whereas, the initial investment is $199,475 – $385,100 Rs. The net-worth requirement is $400,000; the liquid cash requirement is $120,000, the ongoing fees for the Initial Franchise Fee is $30,000; Ongoing Royalty Fee is 7%; Ad Royalty Fee is 1%.

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise the USA

Auntie Anne’s began in 1988 when Anne Beiler purchased a farmer’s market stall in Pennsylvania. “Auntie” Anne developed a masterpiece after some trial and error – the same freshly baked deliciousness you know & love today. Dedication to giving back isn’t just a slogan at Auntie Anne’s; it was a way of life. It’s not a publicity stunt. Paying back has been built into the whole fabric of a firm since its inception 30 years ago. Anne Beiler, also known as “Auntie,” began making pretzels to support her husband’s ambition to give free family counseling in their neighborhood. He eventually followed his goal and established a counseling facility. Anne discovered her real purpose as an unexpected entrepreneur through “a twist of fate,” growing her firm from a single farmer’s market stall to the world’s largest fluffy pretzel franchise. Throughout all of this, Anne remained strong in her dedication to giving back, declaring, “The goal of Auntie Anne’s is to care for other people.”

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise value

The average profitability of an Auntie Anne’s franchise increases to 16 percent, with an average of $89,749 in the top 30.

  •         The Auntie Anne’s franchise worth 

For the 2nd year in a row, Auntie Anne’s® was ranked second in the Baked Goods category on Entrepreneur’s Top Food Franchises of 2019. According to the survey conducted by Franchise Business Review, roughly 21% of franchise possibilities will be in the easy-service restaurant business. Regardless of whether the restaurant companies demand a higher initial investment than other companies with equal potential profit, this is the case. Franchisees in the restaurant business earn an average of $82,000 a year. Its startup cost, on the other hand, might range from $100,000 to millions of dollars.

How is Cannabis Franchise better than The Auntie Anne’s franchise?

A cannabis store may cost anything from $180,000 to $2 million to start. This covers critical expenditures such as annual personnel of about $250,000, annual rent of $100,000, plus $50,000 towards up-front improvements. But, of course, everybody’s budget is unique, and then when it comes to capital requirements, there are some elements to consider.

Whereas, the cost of Auntie Anne’s entrance varies considerably depending on the segment & franchise company you choose within that market. While franchise expenses can range from less than $10,000 to more than $5 million, the bulk of businesses cost around $50,000 to $75,000 to get launched. So, undoubtedly, the cannabis franchise business is more profitable compared to the Aunty Anne’s franchise. 


What is the franchise fee of The Auntie Anne’s franchise?

The franchise cost for Auntie Anne’s business ranges from $199,475 to $385,100.

What is the yearly revenue of The Auntie Anne’s franchise?

The yearly revenue of The Auntie Anne’s franchise is $143,550 to $503,500.

What is the salary of Auntie Anne’s franchise owner?

Overall average pre-tax yearly income of franchise owners is around 80,000 dollars, per a Franchise Business Research report of 28,500 franchise owners. However, when investigators considered the inflation generated by several top franchises, they discovered that 55 percent of owners earn less than $50,000 per year. Only 7% of franchisees earn more than $250,000 each year, according to the report.


Finally, you can select the best franchise business for you from various franchise kinds, including medical & fast-food franchises. With the help of professionals, you can simply pick the Cannabis dispensary franchise unit above other types of franchises for a successful career in the medical field while also making a large sum of money! That will surely help you to start up.

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