How To Get a Cannabis Delivery License

Learning about the coveted Cannabis Delivery License first starts with the understanding of how the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana has paved the way for various innovations as a way of creating convenience. One of such innovations is the cannabis delivery service which marijuana enthusiasts see as a convenience. Cannabis dispensaries and retailers came up with the concept of delivery to shield buyers from the stigmatization attached to weed. If you’re interested in obtaining a cannabis delivery license in your state Contact us today to get started! We help cannabusiness owners from all over the USA acquire cannabis delivery licenses!


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This article is tailored for you if you are a cannabis enthusiast wanting to establish a cannabis delivery service. You will learn how to apply for a cannabis delivery license and get it with ease.

How to get a Cannabis Delivery License and what is cannabis delivery?

Cannabis delivery is a sophisticated method that involves a customer placing an order online and having it delivered to them. Customers can use cannabis delivery service on their mobile phone or computer easily.

Why is the demand for cannabis delivery licenses high?

The demand for cannabis delivery licenses is growing exponentially, thanks to its benefits. Here are some of the reasons why cannabis delivery is skyrocketing.

·        High mobility

One of the reasons why cannabis delivery license is in high demand is the flexibility of the business. Operating a cannabis delivery business allows you to sell your products over a region, unlike a brick-and-mortar store limited to a particular locality.

Therefore, having a delivery license is one of the most effective ways to spread your brand far and wide.

·        Lowering operating costs

Operating a physical cannabis store is cool, but it may not be sustainable — the cost of rent and taxes can quickly shove you out of the market. These factors explain why delivery services are taking over the industry. Instead of paying ridiculous amounts on rent and other operating costs, you can go mobile and sell the products at a lower cost and still make impressive profits.

If you want to enjoy the perks that come with low operating costs, get a cannabis delivery license as soon as possible.

·        Promoting convenience

The convenience that cannabis delivery offer to customers has made them opt for this option. Customers find it inconvenient maneuvering through traffic to get their favorite marijuana product(s). Similarly, it is bothersome for a customer to spend 10 minutes looking for parking space in a cannabis store when they can get the same at the comfort of their couch.

People with mobility issues or running other errands can use cannabis delivery services and have their orders delivered to their doorstep.

·        Increasing privacy

Despite the stigma and stereotypes surrounding marijuana subsiding considerably, we cannot overlook the isolated cases that have blown out of proportion. Cannabis users are constantly worried about how their friends, family, or workmates would perceive them.

A combination of these factors pushed cannabis dispensaries and retailers to come up with delivery services as a way of maintaining their clients’ privacy. Customers can have their orders delivered like any other product without raising eyebrows. In the future, cannabis delivery could become the “thing” among all cannabis enthusiasts. You should have your marijuana delivery license as we transition to this level.

Things to Have When applying for Delivery License

When applying for a cannabis delivery license, you should have the following things:

1.   Business License

When applying for the cannabis delivery license, you must disclose whether you intend to operate online or have a storefront. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you should apply for a Retailer business license. On the other hand, if you operate purely online, you should apply for the Retailer Non-Storefront business license.

2.   Delivery Software

Before you apply for the delivery license, you must have software that allows customers to place an order, check out, and deliver it to them. The delivery software should have a delivery dispatch integrated into it for easy tracking of the order.

3.   Delivery Compliance

Delivery compliance is vital in the cannabis industry since it determines whether the business will thrive or fail. Therefore, when applying for the cannabis delivery license, you must ensure that all compliance measures are in place.

Some of the delivery compliance measures include installing a GPS tracker, keeping a record of every transaction, and carrying products within the $3,000 range.

4.   Delivery Driver(s)

When applying for the cannabis delivery license, you should provide a list of drivers planning to hire. During the recruitment process, you should test the driver(s)’ experience and integrity to ensure smooth operations.

How to get Cannabis Delivery License Easily

Getting a cannabis delivery license is not a walk in the park if we have to go by experts’ confessions in the field. However, using the following tips can help you get the license with much ease:

·        Engage experts

Applying for a cannabis delivery license is not easy. No matter how comprehensive your application is, the regulators might deny your application. One reason why regulators only approve a small number of applications is to regulate the number of cannabis deliveries and maintain the quality of services.

Despite the low approval rates, you can still try your luck by engaging with experts in the field. The experts are updated on any changes in the cannabis industry and how to maneuver through them quickly. Instead of applying for the license blindly, you should engage experts to increase the chances of approval.

·        Make your application stand out

Anytime the application for delivery licenses opens, hundreds of people submit their applications. Each applicant has to lay a clear plan of how to use their licenses to deliver cannabis effectively. As an applicant, you should make your proposal stand out.

In the application, you should state how you will maintain the staff’s integrity and preparedness to meet customer demands. The language used in the application should be both casual and formal to capture the regulators’ attention.

·        Vet your team thoroughly

More often than not, cannabis regulators focus on your team before issuing you with a delivery license. As a cannabis professional, you should recruit a competent team to increase the chances of getting the license.

First, the driver should have adequate experience to increase your chances of getting the license. If the driver does not have a past criminal record, they increase your chances of getting the license. One of the things that licensing regulators consider is how a team would conduct itself.

As a cannabis enthusiast or professional, you should consider both the staff’s competence and conduct.

·        Be updated on any changes in the industry

The laws guiding the use of cannabis change every day, making it hard to have constant laws. Before you apply for the cannabis delivery license, you should beware of the current laws. Any slight change in the statutes might render your application obsolete.

To avoid the disappointment of your application not going through, it is advisable to keep tabs on any industry changes. There are several online platforms that you can follow for updates. Alternatively, you can confirm any possible changes in cannabis delivery licensing with your state. Having this information would come in handy during application and also rid you of disappointments.

Cannabis Delivery License FAQs

The complexity of obtaining a cannabis delivery license has raised several questions among cannabis enthusiasts. The following are frequently asked questions on cannabis delivery license:

Should I deliver the products to clients’ homes?

It is advisable to deliver all orders made by clients to their homes for convenience.

Can I deliver cannabis in more than one state?

The laws on how to operate a delivery business for cannabis are still new. At the moment, you can only run delivery services in one state for two major reasons. One, each state has unique laws that might not favor your business. Second, the current laws require all cannabis delivery services to operate in one state.

Should I have a vehicle to provide delivery services for cannabis?

As a cannabis delivery provider, you should have a delivery vehicle fitted with the necessary security and appropriate equipment. The vehicle should be reliable and have a locking system, temperature control, and alarm system.

How can I promote my delivery services after obtaining the cannabis delivery license?

Creating a website for promotion is highly effective, given the strict laws on using social media to promote weed.

Is the cost of applying or renewing a cannabis delivery license fixed?

Each state operates under different by-laws which guide the cost of cannabis delivery licenses. In some states, you must get a local municipal license and the state license which raise the cost.

Final thoughts on cannabis delivery license

Delivery services are the future of cannabis products. Given the high cost of running cannabis shops, it is viable to establish delivery services to cut on costs and offer the x-factor. As aforementioned, the stigma on marijuana is still rive, and therefore having a delivery license will come in handy. Given the strenuous process of getting a delivery license, it is advisable to follow the steps mentioned above for a seamless experience.

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