We are cannabis license experts and offer professional Cannabis License Services nationwide.

Our Cannabis Business Licensing Services are tailored to your company’s needs in order to create high-level legal compliance and strategic growth within the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Grow cannabis legally for a small business with a Micro-Cultivation license or for a large-scale operation with a Standard Cultivation license.

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Build, own and operate a physical cannabis dispensary retail store in your city.

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Operate a cannabis delivery service for your own dispensary or other dispensaries in your city!

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Buy cannabis from growers, perform quality assurance on products, & transport cannabis from one location to another.

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Refine and process cannabis to create extracts, edibles, vapes, and others. Grade potency and classify the cannabis.

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Own and operate several cannabis license types under a single license.

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Learn About Cannabis Licenses in your State

Some of the Cannabis License Services we offer include:


Local City and State Cannabis Business Licensing

  • Local Conditional Use Permits and State Licensing
  • Includes researching and filing all necessary applications and documents with municipalities while ensuring compliance with state and local laws.  
  • Advising client of necessary compliance measures to ensure successful submission, acceptance, and issuance of the required permits or licenses.
  • Security Plans, Inventory Control Plans, Transportation Procedures, Quality Control Procedures.
  • Premises and Site diagrams.
  • Communication with state and local municipalities.
  • Drafting and implementation of all necessary contracts limited but not limited to distribution agreements, operating agreements, retail agreements, supply agreements, employment agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, partnership agreements, purchase agreements, wholesale agreements, loan agreements, service provider agreements, and all other contracts needed by the client. 
  • Implementation of human resources management programs 
  • Cannabis legal compliance 
  • Cannabis state trademark registrations

Business Development

  • Implementation of any compliance needs as the business develops as well as executing & maintaining pertinent communication with local and state agencies.
  • Management of compliance with the state throughout the duration of the business’s operations. 
  • Creation of standard operating procedures and comprehensive informative employee training on how to properly abide by these protocols.
  • Support system in all business expansion included but not limited to hiring employees or expanding operations. 
  • Advisory support and relative assistance/training in regard to the utilization of the most effective and best-suited software management platforms for the company to implement for the purpose of conducting day-to-day operations as well as having the capability to properly integrate with state-mandated track-and-trace software, METRC, and any other related software platforms for the means of internal and external operational management. 


How To Decide if You Need Help From Cannabis Business Licensing Services

If you are a business owner and want to get into the cannabis space as an entrepreneur, then using a trusted cannabis business licensing services company like ours will greatly help you! It doesn’t matter if you only have funding, and nothing else – we are cannabis license experts and can help you throughout the entire process. We can assist with finding you a location, zoning, the entire cannabis license application process, and business plans, if necessary.

What To Look For When Choosing Cannabis Business Licensing Services

When deciding to work with cannabis business licensing services like ours, it’s important to trust the company, and know the company has successful experience dealing with multiple municipalities. We are cannabis licensing experts, have successfully acquired many different cannabis license types across different states, and you will be dealing directly with the owners of our company.  We can help you (or your lawyers) at any level of this journey. Contact us today to talk with us about how you can benefit from our cannabis licensing services.

What Are The Benefits of Using Cannabis Licensing Experts Instead of My Lawyer To Start My Cannabis Business?

Well for one, your lawyers will most likely be contacting a cannabis business licensing services like ours and charging you more, while they use our service. So when working with cannabis licensing experts like us, you get the benefit of knowing you’re dealing with the people pulling the trigger, and working with the city/state. We understand all the intricacies of how to successfully file cannabis license applications to the city and state, and what they specifically look for when approving/denying applications. No cannabis license application we have submitted has ever been denied by the city/state. Our cannabis licensing services has a 100% success rate. We also have worked directly with business lawyers if you’d like us to work with your lawyer.

How To Choose The Best Cannabis License Services For Your Business

There aren’t many cannabis business licensing services out there in general, and none have a system as we do. We know how to expedite cannabis business license applications through the city and state, and have the necessary relationships to move you along quicker than normal. It all depends on you providing us what we need in a timely manner. We can also assist in almost any area you need help with.

What Qualities Should You Look For in Cannabis Licensing Experts?

When doing your due-diligence on different cannabis licensing experts, or cannabis business lawyers, you’ll want to make sure they have successfully acquired several different license types in different cities/states. Price is always a factor as well, and our rates are extremely competitive. In our opinion, what is most important when finding the right cannabis license service, is that you are fully taken care of. We will provide you everything we need to successfully submit cannabis license applications that have what’s needed for approval.  Our core offering is cannabis licensing services, but we’re here as a resource for anything else you need in the cannabis space.

How To Establish a Relationship With Your Cannabis License Service?

As cannabis license experts,  we have long-lasting relationships with anyone we’ve provided our cannabis business licensing services to. Our job typically doesn’t stop once you’ve submitted and are granted a cannabis license. We can continue to add value to your cannabis business as a one-stop shop for (almost) literally anything you’ll need. Cannabis POS system recommendations, Employee Agreements, Insurance, Zoning, Finding Buildings, and much more.  See the bullet point list above on this page to see the complete list of cannabis license services we offer. We even have trusted partners with a proven track record to help you begin gaining customers for your new cannabis business through Digital Customer Acquisition and Cannabis Marketing/web development services for your website.

What Type of Cannabis Business License To Get?

As cannabis license experts we assist entrepreneurs and business owners from any state in the USA, to best position you for cannabis license approval. We can help you get any type of cannabis business license type, in any state in the USA.

Learn more about any of the cannabis licenses below:

Are Cannabis Business Licensing Services Different For Each State?

The short answer is yes, when using our cannabis license services, we will use our relationships in the city/state of your desired location to help position you to successfully submit the cannabis license applications and have the best chance to be granted the cannabis license type(s) you have submitted.

Can Your Cannabis Licensing Services Help Me Get Multiple Cannabis License Types?

Yes! We have helped many clients submit and acquire different cannabis license types at once. Each cannabis license type has different regulations and laws to follow, and the different cannabis license types tend to vary in terms of ‘what’s needed’ by city/state as well. If you are serious about entering the cannabis space, we are your one-stop-shop cannabis license experts.

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