How To Get a Cannabis Cultivation License in 2022 / 2023

Acquiring a Cannabis Cultivation License begins with working with an expert to help navigate these rough waters. You’ve landed in the right place because we offer cannabis licensing services!

The subject of cannabis legalization and cultivation has been around for a while. It is not uncommon to find people discuss how more states are gradually legalizing recreational and medical marijuana. But have you asked yourself whether the script for cannabis growers is the same?

Getting a cannabis cultivation license is a tall order, regardless of your state. We will discuss what the cultivation license is and how you can have yours with ease. Let’s dive in to understand the concept of licensing cannabis growers and how you can hop in.

What Is a Cannabis Cultivation License?

A cultivation license is a document that allows you to grow cannabis legally. There are two classes of cultivation licenses: Micro-Cultivation License and Standard Cultivation License.

Micro-Cultivation License is specially designed for small-scale growers intending to cultivate cannabis for personal or small businesses.

On the other hand, the Standard Cultivation License is customized for large-scale cannabis growers, especially companies. The Standard Cultivation License allows the companies to grow marijuana outdoors or on a large piece of land.

Benefits of Having a Cannabis Cultivation License?

Getting a cannabis cultivation license gives you a wide range of benefits that unlicensed growers can only dream of. The following are some of the benefits of owning a cultivation license as a marijuana grower:

·         It gives you more powers over the cannabis

A cannabis cultivation license allows you to propagate and harvest marijuana without interference. As a license holder, you can also change the physical and chemical components of cannabis without asking for permission.

·         It gives you the rights to share the cannabis

Getting a cannabis cultivation license allows you to share cannabis through sales or other reasons. For example, you can share it with other Cannabis Drug License holders, Analytical Testers, Processors, and Research& Developers.

If you are business-oriented, you can sell cannabis to recreational or medical users. The sales are not limited to the treated flower buds but can also incorporate the seeds.

Requirements for Obtaining a Cannabis Cultivation License?

There are several requirements that you must meet to get either the Micro-Cultivation License or Standard Cultivation License. Let’s check the major requirements for each license:

Micro-Cultivation License Requirements


Before getting the license, you must prove that you have adequate and effective facilities. During the cannabis cultivation license application process, you must present documents showing that the facility is complete and functioning normally.

Before issuance with a license, the growing facility must undergo chemical contamination and analytical tests. You can carry out the tests in-house or use a third party.

The law requires you to have a security clearance so that the license issuers can verify your authenticity.

You can only be issued with the Micro-Cultivation License if you have or are a Master Grower. The duties of a Master Grower include propagating, cultivating, and harvesting cannabis.  A Master Grower should also be conversant with provisions in Cannabis Act and Regulation.

Standard Cultivation License Requirements


The following are some of the requirements that you should meet before issuance with a Standard Cultivation License.

  • All the requirements that Micro-Cultivation requires
  • A record of who gets access to the storage area(s)
  • A sophisticated security system to prevent unauthorized access to the storage and growing areas

How to get Cannabis Cultivation License Easily

The following are tips to help you get the Cannabis Cultivation License without any hassles.

·        Keep tabs with the evolving requirements on licensing

The regulations surrounding the licensing of cannabis cultivation keep changing. The changing regulations on cannabis cultivation licensing are attributed to the different perceptions by the public. For example, the decision to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes has received numerous lawsuits.

The lawsuits and appeals by different members or groups have led to regulations on licensing cannabis cultivation to keep changing. At one time, you might find the regulations more accommodating, while at another time, the laws could become so demanding. It is advisable to keep tabs on what is happening around you as far as licensing is concerned.

·        Ensure that your estate allows for expansion

Before applying for the Cannabis Cultivation License, you should check out the amenities you plan to cultivate the cannabis. When applying for the license, you should specify whether you will be growing cannabis on a small or large scale. After specifying the license you are applying for, an assessment is carried out to verify whether everything is okay.

Giving correct details of the area where you intend to grow the cannabis helps the licensing board trust you more and process your request faster. Other details that you can disclose to make the license processing faster include security and power supply.

·        Engage experts

As aforementioned, the process of applying for cannabis cultivation is complicated and tedious. If you are not conversant with the laws and strategies surrounding the cannabis cultivation license application process, you might end up getting denied the license.

However, you can avoid undergoing this process by involving an expert. Consulting an expert might cost you a few bucks, but it will save you a lot of time. These professionals will simplify the process of acquiring the license faster. The expert breaks down complex legislative terms and ensures that the license’s application process is comprehensive enough to convince the regulators. A consultant also allows you to ask them questions on different licensing issues, something which the regulators might not give you.

·        Vet your team

Before you apply for the Standard Cultivation License, you should get a competent commercial grower. The role of a commercial cannabis grower is not only cultivating, pruning, and trimming marijuana but entails more. The cultivator must know how to access several growing licenses and other commercial operations.

Besides, you need someone with a clean record. The cannabis cultivation license application process can go down midway if the regulators establish that one member of your team has a criminal record.

·        Make your application stand out

Being passionate about cannabis cultivation is one thing — getting the license to actualize the passion is entirely different. Therefore, you need to have a highly effective team to convince the regulators that applying for the license would be beneficial. You should observe the following things to ensure that you bag the license without breaking a sweat. These include:

  • Use a top-notch application narrative and an outstanding model on financing. In your cannabis cultivation license application, you should explain how you will have the cannabis farm up and running in terms of finance. Also, point out how you will disclose every revenue generated.
  • Have a strong relationship with society. Before you think of applying for the cannabis cultivation license, you should first establish a positive rapport with society. Having a healthy relationship with neighbors and the local society gives you an edge over other applicants.
  • Have a competent team. The decision on whether you will be granted cannabis cultivation depends more on your team’s competency. A strong team should show its finance, security, health care, and agriculture expertise under a controlled environment. If you get a team with these qualifications, it becomes easy to get the license.

Cannabis Cultivation License FAQs

How can I get updated in case of a change about the licensing process in my state?


Each state has an agency that regulates the licensing of cannabis cultivation. You can register with the agency to receive email alerts in case of any changes concerning the cultivation of cannabis, including the licensing process.

If my state has criminalized the cultivation of cannabis, can I apply for the license?


No state should issue a license to an individual or a company for growing cannabis if the law has criminalized it. Therefore, you cannot get a cannabis cultivation license if the laws do not permit the same.

Should I apply for a state license before the local county/city?


It is advisable first to search whether your local jurisdiction requires you to have a cultivation license. After confirmation and possible application of the license, you can go ahead to apply for the state license.

Which documents should I present during the application for the cannabis cultivation license?


Different jurisdictions require applicants to present specific documents which might vary from one state to another. Liaise with your local government to find out the required documents.

Is there a fixed cost for the cannabis cultivation license?


There is no set standard price for a cannabis cultivation license, given that each state has unique laws. You should confirm with your state’s agency during the application.

Final thoughts on cannabis cultivation license

Obtaining a cannabis cultivation license is an intricate process that requires you to have adequate knowledge of every step. Despite the decriminalization of medical and recreational marijuana in several states, the stigma is still prevalent. However, the laws are now more accommodating, making the process straightforward. You can apply for a DEA-approved license in your respective state and start growing cannabis immediately. If you are not sure how to go about the whole process, reach out to us.

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