We are cannabis licensing experts and offer professional cannabis licensing services nationwide.

Our services are tailored to your company’s needs in order to create high-level legal compliance and strategic growth within the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Below are some of the services we offer.

Local City and State Cannabis Business Licensing

  • Local Conditional Use Permits and State Licensing
  • Includes researching and filing all necessary applications and documents with municipalities while ensuring compliance with state and local laws.  
  • Advising client of necessary compliance measures to ensure successful submission, acceptance, and issuance of the required permits or licenses.
  • Security Plans, Inventory Control Plans, Transportation Procedures, Quality Control Procedures.
  • Premises and Site diagrams.
  • Communication with state and local municipalities.
  • Drafting and implementation of all necessary contracts limited but not limited to distribution agreements, operating agreements, retail agreements, supply agreements, employment agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, partnership agreements, purchase agreements, wholesale agreements, loan agreements, service provider agreements, and all other contracts needed by the client. 
  • Implementation of human resources management programs 
  • Cannabis legal compliance 
  • Cannabis state trademark registrations

Business Development

  • Implementation of any compliance needs as the business develops as well as executing & maintaining pertinent communication with local and state agencies.
  • Management of compliance with the state throughout the duration of the business’s operations. 
  • Creation of standard operating procedures and comprehensive informative employee training on how to properly abide by these protocols.
  • Support system in all business expansion included but not limited to hiring employees or expanding operations. 
  • Advisory support and relative assistance/training in regard to the utilization of the most effective and best-suited software management platforms for the company to implement for the purpose of conducting day-to-day operations as well as having the capability to properly integrate with state-mandated track-and-trace software, METRC, and any other related software platforms for the means of internal and external operational management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me write a Cannabis Business Plan?

Yes we've helped clients construct cannabis business plans before. This helps your chances of being granted a cannabis license.

How to Get a Cannabis License?

We'll help navigate the tough part of properly putting everything together for you to apply for a cannabis license in your state.