What states have fully legal cannabis?

2021 has witnessed a never-seen-before cannabis revolution. With 91% of Americans in favor of the legalization of weed, many states have started to pass legislatures, making it legal in some form.

It is true that cannabis laws are passed at a slow rate in some states. Still, that is immense progress compared to the complete ban that plagued the nation for more than five decades. However, the last decade has displayed tremendous forward movement when it comes to legalizing cannabis at the federal level.

With an increase in the usage of cannabis, it is safe to say that Congress is likely to pass some reform on the cannabis ban.

List of states that have legalized cannabis?

Are you wondering what states have fully legal cannabis? Check out the list to know more about this cannabis scenario.

  1. Alaska

In 2014, Alaska became the fourth state in the US to opt for the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes. It is applicable to adults above or the age of 21. As per the legislation, it is legal to possess one ounce or less of cannabis. However, more than that will be considered as a misdemeanor. Moreover, if found with more than or four ounces, it is a felony. Smoking cannabis in the public is restricted. But, Alaska went onto legalize cannabis smoking at dispensaries on-site in 2019.

  1. Arizona

As of January 2021, residents of Arizona can possess and buy one ounce of bud. However, there are some prohibitions, which include the legal age of buying as 21+ and no public smoking. Moreover, adults can also grow a maximum of six plants for non-commercial reasons at their houses. Apart from that, from July, people convicted due to allegations of possession may be able to get their record expunged. The medical program is impressive, with about 300,000 patients eligible to have 2.5 ounces in their possession, regardless of the type.

  1. California

If you are thinking about what states have fully legal cannabis, California falls on the list. In California, adults above the age of 21 can possess one ounce of cannabis legally. Moreover, they can also grow up to six plants. However, selling recreational weed will count as a misdemeanor. But, if you are gifting anyone cannabis below 28.5 gm, then there are no penalties. Furthermore, medical card holders permit the possession as per the instruction of the physician. They can also grow “n” plants to fulfill the medical requirement.

  1. Colorado

Since 2012, Colorado, along with Washington, DC, became the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. Here, adults above the age of 21 can buy or possess one ounce. Moreover, it is also legal to share it with others but without any financial compensation. 2021 also witnessed the legislation of recreational delivery though the municipality vote is yet to happen. Right now, Aurora has voted in favor of delivery.

  1. Illinois

Illinois is the 11th state in the US to proceed with the legalization of recreational cannabis on January 1, 2020. Here, individuals above the age of 21 can purchase a maximum of one ounce of the flower. But, it is still illegal to smoke it in public. Also, growing cannabis at home is illegal, but there is an exception for medical patients. If you are one, then you can grow up to five plants. Do you know that the state managed to raise $1 billion in cannabis sales within one year?

  1. Maine

In Maine, if you can drink legally, you can possess less than or 2.5 ounces of cannabis legally for recreational purposes. It is under – “what states have fully legal cannabis?” However, it is illegal to smoke or consume it in public. For medical patients, possession is limited to 2.5 ounces. But, you can grow at least six plants at a time. Moreover, the medical facilities have above 45,000 patients registered for the medicinal usage of weed.

  1. Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, residents above the age of 21 can legally possess cannabis amounting to one ounce of the bud. However, you can keep a maximum of 10 ounces at the house. Also, people can grow six cannabis plants in their homes. The medical program of the state is impressive. It covers 35 dispensaries that serve more than 70,000 patients registered for treatment. Did you know that the Cannabis Control Commission of the state developed a license, which permitted third-party delivery services to provide marijuana to people’s doorstep during covid?

  1. Michigan

Are you thinking about what states have fully legal cannabis? Well, Michigan is the 10th US state to pass the legalization of cannabis in 2018. As per the law here, adults can possess a maximum of 2.5 ounces of cannabis. However, at home, the possession increases to a maximum of 10 ounces. Home plant growers can cultivate 12 plants at a time. However, there are still some repercussions. If it is the first offense, then possession of above five ounces is considered a misdemeanor. Cannabis sale of 2.5-5 ounces without any remuneration leads to a fine of $500.

  1. Montana

Montana made some relevant cannabis changes on January 1, 2021. People above the age of 21 can grow and possess one ounce of the flower. When it comes to concentrate, the quantity is eight grams. However, it is pertinent to note that it is still a felony to be caught with above one ounce of cannabis possession. The punishment is a maximum fine of $5000 along with up to five years of jail time. Moreover, the bill also aims to expunge the cannabis convicts.

  1. Nevada

While Nevada took an extended time to relax the marijuana laws, now it has legalized recreational cannabis. Adults with the age of 21+ can possess one ounce of cannabis for recreational purposes, but anything more than that is classified as a misdemeanor. It means no time in jail, but you have to pay of fine of $600. However, you can’t smoke cannabis in public. But, you can use out-of-state medical cards for medicinal marijuana.

  1. New Jersey

With the referendum that passed on the 2020 ballot, New Jersey has officially legalized cannabis for recreational uses. However, the sale is not permitted at least till 2022 when the Cannabis Regulatory Commission brings out the new rules. Till then, the medical program continues as it did over the years. Patients with medicinal conditions can possess three ounces of cannabis per month. Moreover, the growing of plants at home is not allowed. But, there is the scope of future legislation that can allow at least the cultivation of six plants.

  1. New Mexico

The governor of New Mexico recently ensured the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. Moreover, the state also has a well-planned medical program. It allows the possession of eight ounces in a span of 90 days. Also, registered patients are allowed to home-grow 16 plants. But, the condition is that only 4 can mature at any given time.

  1. New York

New York is the latest state to legalize and decriminalize cannabis on March 31, 2021. If you are wondering what does decriminalized mean, it indicates that there will be no jail time. Here, possession of a maximum of three ounces is legal, while you can grow six plants at home without any trouble. However, regulated cannabis sales are likely to start from 2022 with some additional services in consideration. With the expansion in the medical program and expunge of crimes related to marijuana, change seems to be occurring swiftly.

  1. Oregon

Oregon has approved the legalization of cannabis since 2014. Residents can possess up to one ounce of marijuana, while anything less than 2 ounces can result in a penalty of $650. But, anything more than 2 ounces can lead to jail time. Home-growers can cultivate a maximum of four plants. The registered medical patients can grow six plants along with 18 seedlings. They can also keep 24 ounces of cannabis.

  1. Vermont

The first US state to use the legislature to legalize cannabis instead of the conventional ballot box is Vermont. However, as per the legislation, individuals above the age of 21 can only possess, grow and consume cannabis. It was restrictive to buying or selling weed. Now, the state has allowed stores to open for the sale of cannabis within May 1, 2022.

  1. Virginia

Pondering on what states have fully legal cannabis? As of February 2021, Virginia has joined the list of cannabis legal states. From July 1, adults above 21 can possess less than or equal to one ounce of cannabis. Also, medical dispensaries became operational in the fall of the last year, 2020.

  1. Washington

In 2012, Washington was the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Now, you can use and possess cannabis, but growing at home is not allowed if you don’t have a medical license.

If you are wondering what states have fully legal cannabis, 42 states plus Washington, DC, has passed some form of legislature to reform cannabis laws. However, all eyes are on the federal legalization 2021 bill. Lack of bipartisan support or Biden’s approval can hold back the passing of this evolutionary bill. Nevertheless, the US is finally working towards implementing justice and eradicating racial stigma from cannabis usage, possession, and consumption.

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