When will cannabis be legal nationwide?

When will cannabis be legal nationwide? The battle to legalize Cannabis nationwide has been on the rise for several years. However, the end to this long struggle is not yet definite. With Biden still indecisive and the Senate yet to pass the Federal legalization bill, chances are it will still take a few years to […]

What States Have Fully Legal Cannabis?

What states have fully legal cannabis? 2021 has witnessed a never-seen-before cannabis revolution. With 91% of Americans in favor of the legalization of weed, many states have started to pass legislatures, making it legal in some form. It is true that cannabis laws are passed at a slow rate in some states. Still, that is […]

USA Federal Cannabis legalization bill

USA Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill There has been an emerging revolution in the US for the legalization of cannabis since the latter part of the 20th century. However, to better understand the current scenario, it is vital to take a look at the past. What led to the ban of cannabis in the first place? […]