Alameda City CA Cannabis Licenses & Permits Available Now [2022]

Alameda CA Licenses Available Now:

Alameda City Cannabis License Applications are Available for cannabis delivery, testing facilities, combined cannabis operations, and one cannabis retail dispensary business in Castro Valley or the South Livermore Valley Plan Area are being accepted by the County in 2022.

The incorporated cities inside California County have their own rules, permitting procedures, and permit limitations.

Alameda County municipalities that allow cannabis business activities in some capacity include:

  • Oakland
  • Berkeley
  • Alameda City
  • Emeryville

Alameda County is located in California, where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use. On November 8, 2016, 66.4% of Alameda County voters approved Proposition 64, also known as the Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), which legalized the sale of cannabis for commercial purposes in California. By Chapters 6.106 and 6.108 of the Alameda County Ordinance Code, the County completed the Request for Proposals (RFP) procedure for cultivation and retail permits on locations in East County in late 2017. Responses to the RFPs have already resulted in the issuance of permits.

There are two different license fees when obtaining a California cannabis license:

  1. Application fees must be compensated at the application time. The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) examines your application after receiving your fee.
  2. License fees are due when your application is accepted. After you pay the license money, DCC issues your license. You must also pay the license cost when you renew your license each year.

The license you are applying for or renewing will determine the fees. The majority of fees are determined by the gross annual revenue of your company. Before deducting costs, yearly gross revenue is the total amount of money made from operations carried out under the license.

In order to obtain an Alameda Cannabis License it’s important to know exactly what the City and County are looking for when submitting your Alameda Cannabis license application.

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Alameda CA Cannabis Licenses & Permits Allowed

Alameda CA Cannabis allowed the following licenses and permits:

  1. Retail Storefront
  2. Retail (Delivery)
  3. Distribution
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Cultivation
  6. Testing Labs


  1. Alameda City Cannabis Dispensary Retail License (Storefront)

The County’s unincorporated areas are open to cannabis retail businesses. A cannabis retail operation is any location that engages in the retail sale of cannabis, cannabis goods, or cannabis paraphernalia under Chapter 6.108.020 of the Alameda County Ordinance Code. 

Concentrates, edibles, and topical applications are among the cannabis items sold in Alameda County. These products may be purchased alone or by county residents 21 years or older for therapeutic and leisure purposes. Anyone wishing to sell cannabis or cannabis-related items must get a cannabis retail operation authorization following the County’s ordinance.

In Alameda County, cannabis retail operations must adhere to the zoning regulations outlined in Title 17 of the County’s Ordinance Code and any plans pertinent to the location of the retail process. According to Alameda County, a cannabis retail establishment cannot be located in a residential area. A retail business must be at least 1,000 feet away from a public playground and a licensed childcare facility. The distance between them and other cannabis retail establishments, schools, recreation centers, and drug treatment centers must be at least 1,000 feet.

A cannabis retail business in Alameda County that sells cannabis or cannabis-related items for recreational use is not allowed to hire or sell to anyone under 21. Additionally, it cannot hire anyone under the age of 21. A retail operation must conduct all of its operations on its property. They cannot work beyond 9:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. or any day after midnight and 9:00 a.m. To prohibit eligible patients and primary caregivers from obtaining more than 8 ounces of cannabis in any given month, Alameda County mandates that cannabis retail operators keep an eye on their monthly purchasing caps.

The 6-59.11- Conditions for Specific Permits specify that cannabis product displays must not be seen outside the establishment. Check cashing activities are not permitted at any time for retailer dispensary permittees. Cannabis retailers must spend a minimum of forty (40) hours serving the public weekly at every cannabis company site. Unless state law approves, no one under twenty-one (21) shall be allowed to enter any cannabis business facility. The dispensary/retailer permittee must ensure that the marijuana and marijuana-related items it sells have been produced, packaged, tested, and labeled by all relevant federal, state, and local regulations.

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  1. Alameda City Cannabis Delivery License

Alameda County has legalized cannabis delivery. However, only authorized cannabis retail businesses with actual storefronts in the County are eligible to apply for cannabis delivery operator permits. Mobile retail companies are not permitted to apply for this license and cannot transport cannabis in Alameda County.

The Alameda County Ordinance Code states that One can only deliver cannabis to adults over the age of 21 and primary caregivers. Per Section 11362.7 of the California Health and Safety Code, they can also give cannabis to patients with medical marijuana cards and require it. A cannabis delivery business cannot provide medical marijuana to anyone under 18 unless they are registered, medical marijuana patients. Anyone under 21 is not allowed to deliver cannabis in the County.

Alameda Cannabis Delivery License Permits Info

Per Chapter 6.108 of the Alameda County General Ordinance Code, any individual or business distributing cannabis to unincorporated Alameda County must apply for a Cannabis Delivery Operator Permit. Customers of a non-storefront retailer can only purchase cannabis products via delivery.

One may only accept delivery of cannabis goods under 6-59.11- Conditions for Specific Permits during regular business hours of the receiving cannabis business. Signage, packaging, and facilities of any kind must not be “attractive” to minors as that term is defined by the State and must not be visible from the outside of the licensed premises. Without a valid permit or license issued by the Bureau of Cannabis Control and a California city or county, no dispensary/retailer permittee may purchase or distribute cannabis items from any cannabis business.

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  1. Alameda City Cannabis Distribution License

According to 6.108.020 of Cannabis Retail Operators, Delivery Operations and edibles [11], “Cannabis distribution” means the procurement, sale, and transport of cannabis and cannabis products between entities licensed under the provisions of Division 10 of the California Business and Professions Code. The sale of commercial cannabis is also permitted in Alameda County. If cannabis were to be distributed, one would be required to live in Alameda County and have professional experience and involvement in the manufacturing of cannabis.

 Alameda Cannabis Distribution License Permits Info

A distribution license is required to transport cannabis and cannabis-related products. Distributors are able to distribute products they produced or grew or products of other firms.

Before any batches of cannabis products are distributed, Type 11 distributors ensure that they have been tested by an authorized testing facility. The provider:

  • arranges for a cannabis sample to be taken by a testing facility
  • while the laboratory does the necessary tests, holds the cannabis products
  • Ensure that the Certificate of Analysis’s relevant date is less than a year old

Only products that pass testing can be transported by distributors to a shop for sale. Products that don’t pass inspection are either destroyed or sent to the manufacturer for repair.

Type 11 distributors also carry out a quality assurance examination of the merchandise before delivering it to a store to ensure:

  • The label contains the necessary information.
  • The product is shielded from contamination by the packaging.
  • It is not a forbidden item.

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  1. Alameda City Cannabis Manufacturing License

Alameda country legalized the manufacturing of cannabis with certain conditions to be obeyed. The County doesn’t grant licenses to independent cannabis manufacturing companies. To legally operate a combined cannabis operation in Alameda County, an individual or entity needs to secure a permit and the necessary California licenses. A combined cannabis company operation in Alameda County engages in at least three commercial cannabis businesses of production, distribution, retail, and cultivation. The Alameda County Ordinance Code defines cannabis manufacturing as turning raw cannabis into edibles, topicals, and other cannabis-related goods by chemical synthesis, extraction techniques, or both.

For a combined cannabis business operation or cannabis manufacturing, a person must own a valid cannabis retail operator permit or a valid cannabis cultivation operator permit, according to Alameda County Ordinance Code Chapters 6.106 and 6.108. A combined cannabis operation permit allows the owner to conduct all three cannabis business endeavors on the same property.

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  1. Alameda City Cannabis Cultivation License

Cannabis cultivation is any operation involving the planting, growing, harvesting, grading, curing, drying, and trimming of cannabis for recreational or medical use under MAUCRSA in the Alameda County Ordinance Code.

To legally cultivate commercial cannabis in Alameda County, an individual or organization must get a local permit. According to Sections 17.06.40 and 17.52.585 of the County’s zoning ordinance, a permittee must acquire a conditional use permit before running a cannabis production facility in the County. Only ten cultivation sites may receive permits, according to the County. In Alameda County, a cannabis cultivation area must be at least 1,000 feet away from any of the following locations:

  • daycare or childcare center
  • a public park, playground, or leisure area
  • Pre-K to grade 12
  • drug or alcohol center recovery

In the County, any location designated for cannabis growing must be at least 50 feet away from any property line that is shared with another property owned by a different person. Similarly, unless the owner gives their written consent, a cannabis production area must be at least 300 feet away from any dwelling on a neighboring property not held by the cultivator. In addition to indoor growing, Alameda County also enables outdoor cultivation of cannabis if authorized by the conditional use permit of the permittee. One must enclose the cultivation space to prevent the public from seeing the cannabis plants.

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  1. Alameda City Cannabis Testing Lab License

A cannabis testing lab is being approved on agricultural land in Alameda County. It needs a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) according to Title 17 Zoning of the Alameda County Ordinance Code.

According to 17.52.586 – Conditional use—Cannabis testing laboratory, “a cannabis testing laboratory shall be permitted as a conditional use in the A district if approved by the board of zoning adjustments as provided in Section 17.54.130 and under Section 17.06.040.”

“A conditional use permit issued according to this section shall be effective only during such time as the permittee also holds a valid and effective state license for a testing laboratory under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.”

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Alameda CA Cannabis Social Equity Program

Cannabis prohibition and enforcement permanently adversely affected the Alameda Country, disadvantaged residents, and minority communities. Alameda Country is one of the few countries making an effort to address the adverse effects and injustices of cannabis laws by enforcing cannabis regulations that put equality at the forefront of cannabis policy reform.

One tool the Alameda Country is utilizing to start acknowledging and repairing the harm brought by the uneven enforcement of cannabis prohibition is the Social Equity Program (SEP).

Programs for local equity act as innovation centers that showcase innovative and efficient support methods. Alameda Country promotes cannabis equity by making both national and local initiatives.

  • State support

Equity business owners can obtain the state license fees for their cannabis business and technical assistance with the state licensing procedure through the support of the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC).

  • Local support

Local equity programs receive grant funds from the Country. These initiatives assist the people affected by the legalization of cannabis. They offer chances applicable to the conditions of their community and the residents’ experiences.

The local equity program could assist you if you have an equity-based business. It comprises:

  • Prioritizing processing applications
  • Business collaborations
  • Agency-level advocacy
  • Waived local fees
  • Private counseling and training
  • Guidance on cannabis license and regulatory requirements
  • Loans with low or no interest

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