Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License

Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License Info

Interested in obtaining a Virginia Cannabis Wholesale License? This article will cover everything you need to know about obtaining your Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License. 

Through the previously known Senate Bill 1406, now House Bill 1251, Virginia made its way to being the 16th state within the U.S. to announce the legalization of adult-use marijuana. This new regulation states that for Virginia businesses to be legally involved in cannabis and cannabis products, they must apply for a Virginia cannabis license. The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority is responsible for issuing such licenses. Application for Virginia cannabis licenses will begin being accepted starting on July 1, 2023. 

Currently, there are different available licenses for adult-use marijuana: 

Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License Info

The Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License authorizes the licensee to acquire retail hemp and cannabis products. The license also includes marijuana plants and seeds straight from a marijuana manufacturing facility or another marijuana wholesaler.

Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License Application Permit

The permit for this type of license classification (VA cannabis wholesale license) extends to the transfer of possession of retail cannabis, retail products containing marijuana, immature hemp plants, and hemp seeds from a marijuana cultivation facility, retail marijuana store, or directly from another wholesaler. The Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License also allows the holder to resell or sell retail cannabis, retail products containing cannabis, immature hemp plants, and hemp seeds. 

The cannabis Wholesaler License is an interesting category under the available licenses for adult-use marijuana licenses in Virginia for various reasons. The Virginia marijuana wholesaler license works between various categories, mainly by selling and buying to other Virginia cannabis license types. The main distinction between the wholesaler and cultivation licenses, aside from the cultivation-related components, is that the wholesaler may sell marijuana goods while the cultivator cannot. 

How Many VA Cannabis Wholesaler Licenses Are Allowed?

How Many Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler Licenses Are Allowed

The number of Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler Licenses being granted is limited to 25, for now so it’s extremely important  to prepare for the start of Virginia cannabis wholesale license application acceptance in 2023. 

VA Cannabis Wholesale License Application Process

The application process for the available adult-use marijuana licenses will be composed of three stages:

  1. The initial application submission;
  2. Awarding of conditional approval;
  3. Granting of the Pharmaceutical Processor permit.

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What is Included in The Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License Application?

The applicant must submit the following documents and information upon the initial application.

  • Applicant’s name and complete address;
  • The proposed operation location of the pharmaceutical processor must be within the established health service area by the State Board of Health;
  • The applicant’s detailed financial position will reflect the applicant’s financial capacity to operate and build a facility for the cultivation of marijuana plants. This will include every asset, liability, net worth, and income;
  • Applicant’s detailed security plans in maintaining sufficient control opposed to theft, diversion, or loss of the hemp plant or cannabis products;
  • Information and documents to support that applicants are authorized to execute business in the state of Virginia. This shall also include the applicant’s compliance to meet the fire and zoning requirements, as well as the local ordinances before permit issuance;
  • Applicant’s necessary information for criminal background checks conducted by the board. 
  • Information concerning any existing or previous involvement in the medical cannabis industry;
  • Business and marketing plans for the operation and sale of cannabis and cannabis products;
  • Supporting graphic and written materials that will exhibit the proposed exterior of the pharmaceutical processor;
  • The proposed pharmaceutical processor’s blueprint must show (i) the square foot of each area of the business facility, (ii) the location of safes and vaults to store the cannabis plants and oils, (iii) the location of all areas containing Cannabis plants, or THC-A oil, (iv)placement of counters, partitions, and walls, and (v) all areas of egress and ingress;
  • Information and documents about any compassionate need program;
  • Applicant’s expertise concerning agriculture and other techniques in production required to produce cannabidiol and safe dispensing of such products; and
  • The board requires other documents from the applicant to decide on sustainability for permitting.

Virginia Cannabis License Application Notices

Another necessary step for interested applicants to remember is the application of notices.

  • Notice of the application must be posted at the front door of the proposed building, room, or place of the pharmaceutical processor. The notice shall last for 30 days and not less than 10 days. The marijuana licensing authority of Virginia shall determine every information contained in the notice of application.

Objections must be submitted directly to Virginia’s licensing authority in not more than 30 days following the initial posting of notice.

  • Applicants must publish an application notice at least once a week for two weeks in a newspaper for general circulation in the area, town, or city where the business will operate.

Applicants must submit any objection not later than 30 days from the date of initial newspaper publication to Virginia’s licensing authority.

Background Check

Background checks shall be conducted by the adult-use marijuana licensing authority for every applicant. The background checks shall provide a closer look at the applicant’s criminal history records search and will include a fingerprint-based national criminal history record search.

If you have a past conviction for a marijuana-related offense, read about the “Social Equity Application” process below. 

Application Fees

The following are fees required for a pharmaceutical processor permit:

  1. Application Fee
  1. Initial issuing of Permit
  1. Permit’s annual renewal
  1. Name change for the processor
  1. PIC modification or any other information submitted with the permit application
  1. Changing of ownership (without a criminal background check)
  1. Changing of ownership (with a criminal background check)
  1. Any acquisition, increase, renovation, or change of location demanding an inspection.
  1. Fee for reinspection
  1. Each cannabidiol or THC-A oil product’s registration


Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License or any adult-use marijuana license holder must file and maintain an accurate and precise record of information required for the licensing to be kept with the marijuana licensing authority. Licensees shall report changes in the necessary information to the marijuana licensing authority in accordance with the regulation.

State Regulation

The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority is a five-member Board of Directors and the appointed department to impose regulations, and grant, revoke, or suspend cannabis licenses.

Virginia Cannabis License Caps

Under the regulation, the available adult-use marijuana licenses to be issued are limited and cannot exceed the established limit:

  • 25 Wholesalers licenses
  • 60 Product manufacturers’ licenses
  • 400 Retailers licenses
  • 450 Cultivators licenses

Virginia Cannabis License Social Equity Applicants

The bill encapsulates the promotion of inclusion through prioritizing social equity applicants. The bill defines the social equity applicants as “having 66% or more of its owners who:

  • Included in prior cannabis conviction;
  • have a close relative who was convicted of cannabis use
  • Either reside in a place where cannabis arrests are disproportionately high or economically distressed
  • Graduated from a Virginia HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and University)

Regulators will waive a percent of the application fee for social equity qualifiers.

Additional Regulations Established in the Bill

Additionally, the bill assembles a Cannabis Business Equity and Diversity Support Team to determine further barriers to inclusion, deliver technical assistance, conduct outreach, and develop requirements for equity, inclusion, and diversity plans.

The Cannabis Public Health Advisory Council is a new 21-member department tasked to assess and monitor the impact of cannabis on public health. In line with this, the newly created department will also be responsible for making recommendations concerning warnings on the use of cannabis products, their safety, product composition, and public health awareness. 

Timeframe of the Bill

  • Most of the bill took effect on July 1, 2021— including legal possession.
  • Sales will not begin until January 1, 2024

Taxes Established on the Virginia Cannabis License Bill

The board would specify the tax fee, and it can eventually increase based on inflation. 

Generated revenue after regulatory costs will be allotted to:

  • 40% on Pre-K education for at-risk children;
  • 30% on Cannabis Equity Reinvestment Fund;
  • 25% on Substance abuse treatment and prevention;
  • 5% on Public health programs.

How Can We Assist You in Obtaining Your Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •     How much will it cost to open a dispensary in Virginia?

Opening a dispensary in Virginia would cost around $100,000. This would cover the Non-refundable Application fee of $10,000 and the initial permit fee of $60,000, and a cannabis license service like ours

  •     How do you get a Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License??

Interested applicants for Virginia Cannabis Wholesaler License should undergo the three-stage process of application— The initial application submission, Awarding of conditional approval and Granting of the Pharmaceutical Processor permit.

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