Everyone likes their cuppa when they are on their way to work or out on the streets and who can ever not step into Starbucks for their strong-smelling rich coffee? Starbucks is the ultimate name in the industry of coffeemakers. Starbucks Corporation is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. It is a multinational chain from America that is based out of Seattle, Washington. This house of coffeemakers has a chain of coffeehouses and roaster reserves all over the world. The Starbucks Corporation is visualized as representing the third wave of coffee culture in the United States of America.

The numbers of 2020 suggest that the total number of Starbucks stores in the United States stood at 32,660. This number is spread across all 83 countries in the world. Out of the 32,660 stores of Starbucks, 16,637 stores are directly operated by the company, while the 16,023 stores are licensed stores. However, there are no franchises offered by Starbucksorporation. We will read a bit more on this in this article.

The Starbucks Corporation serves a lot more than just coffee. One will find cappuccinos, frappes, fresh beverages, pastries, savories, and tea products on the menu. Some of the items on the menu are seasonal as well – such as special chips, crackers, and the pumpkin spice latte. Furthermore, depending on where you are in the world, a Starbucks store will also offer you free Wi-Fi to work while you sip your coffee.

The chairman of Starbucks is Howard Schultz. Mellody Hobson is the Chairperson, while Kevin Johnson is the President & CEO. The yearly revenue of Starbucks stands at $26.50 billion in US dollars. Starbucks Corporation employees a total of 349,000 employees. It was founded on 30th March 1971, which makes this its year its 50th anniversary year.

Starbucks Franchise Cost

If you have been planning to open a franchise for Starbucks, there is terrible news as Starbucks Corporation does not offer franchises to interested people. However, one can apply for a licensed shop to get ownership of Starbucks’ place in turn. The cost for a Starbucks licensed store stands around $315,000 in US dollars.

It is well known that Starbucks does not offer franchises to interested people. One has to apply for the licensed stores wherein the store is directly under the control of Starbucks. Only in exceptional cases, where there is another company, a master concessionaire, or a desirable space available for a store, Starbucks considers licensing the operations to a company of that sort.

However, the licensed store availability is only restricted to the United States and Canada. Starbucks franchise functions outside America in countries such as China, Japan, and Singapore. At one point in time, Starbucks Corporation offered franchisees to Europe before all the franchisees were taken. One has to have liquid assets worth $50,000 in their bank account to open a franchise in Europe. Anyone else in the world requires to have $700,000 in liquid assets on average if they were to apply for a Starbucks licensed shop.

There is a separate fee that counts as the license fee instead of the franchise fee. This depends on one country, while as long as you are in the United States of America, the license fee is set at $315,000. 

StarbucksFranchise Total Cost

There are close to 26,000 stores of Starbucks all over the world, and the revenue that they generate is close to billions of dollars in US money. Regardless of many stores all over the world, Starbucks does not have any franchisees anywhere at present. However, if Starbucks is your goal, then you can apply to get hold of a licensed store.

Applying for a Starbucks store with their license is not as easy as getting a franchise. People who get hold of a Starbucks licensed shop can make money even though they do not have any direct ownership of the shop. The benefits of being part of the Starbucks family are galore.

The total licensed Starbucks store investment could be anywhere around $315,000. One is expected to have in their bank account a total of $500,000 in US dollars. The coffee chain generates a total of $55.94 billion in US dollars, while the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz happens to have a net worth of a whopping $2.1 billion.

StarbucksFranchise Fees

The Starbucks franchise fee is $315,000 in US dollars. The other expenditure of a licensed shop is under their terms and conditions. The fees to open a licensed shop in India requires an Rs. 6 lakh rent on average.

StarbucksFranchise Expenses

Apart from the franchise or the license fee, Starbucks does not disclose the expenses required to set up a licensed store on the Internet.

StarbucksFranchise Owner Salary

The Starbucks licensed store owner makes a profit of $120,000 from a single licensed store. Overall, a licensed store may make a total of $108,000 every year. Depending on the location of the licensed store, the revenue generated is around $650,000 and $750,000.

 StarbucksFranchise Revenue

One day, a Starbucks store makes $278 while the net income goes up to $14.38 billion. This means that the revenue per store is around $727,000. The profit of Starbucks licensed stores is around $108,000.

StarbucksFranchise Application Process

The application process for a Starbucks licensed store is available on the official website. The process for application at Starbucks starts with registering oneself at the official website of Starbucks Branded Solutions. Once the registration is complete, people can go ahead with the application process. The website will ask for your type of business and general information regarding the business. The name, location, and contact information are necessary when you make your application process. There needs to be a specification regarding the type of products you wish to make available in your store.

There are a few personality-based questions to judge whether you will make a good store owner. You can choose the options and use the comment box to go ahead and justify your reasons. Starbucks processes this information and then reaches out to the applicants to let them know their decision.

Can You Buy A Starbucks franchise?

No, it is not possible to buy a Starbucks franchise. Starbucks does not offer franchises to people all over the world. They offer licensed shops to people only based on the applications they receive.

How Much Does A Starbucks Franchise Owner Make?

From the Starbucks tax filings, we know that a licensed shop owner gets $108,000 per year. The profit margin can be higher if the store makes a better profit for the season. This depends entirely on the location and the sales made. The profit at a licensed store can be $520 per day on average.

How Much Does The Average Starbucks Franchise Owner Make?

The average Starbucks franchise owner makes $520 per day. The annual revenues from the stores may be $108,000 yearly, but the profit margin may quite easily be higher depending on the location, revenue collected, and the sales that year.

Can I Open A Starbucks Franchise?

It is impossible to open a Starbucks franchise as the Starbucks Corporation does not give out the franchise to interested people. One can apply for a licensed store that is directly under the Starbucks administration. These stores have to be situated at noteworthy locations in the city. These licensed stores by Starbucks require the staff to undergo proper training. Besides, when you opt for a Starbucks licensed store, Starbucks pays for all the support, equipment, training, promotions, marketing, store design, and the Starbucks menu.

There is still a possibility of buying a Starbucks franchise outside the US as the company offers franchises on strict terms and conditions. This includes 500,000 pounds of liquid assets, a good deal of knowledge in the food and beverage industry, the capability of expanding business in no time, and a desirable location that complies with the company terms and conditions.

Starbucks Franchise Net Worth Requirements

It is not possible to open a Starbucks franchise as Starbucks Corporation does not offer any franchises. On a rough basis, the Starbucks licensed store requires $315,000 in cash as the licensing fee. The Starbucks store will require people to have $500,000 in liquid assets. The formal application for the Starbucks licensed store will require the mention of the liquid assets, liabilities, business location, and assets.

The net worth of Starbucks is at US $24.72 billion, wherein the revenues from the beverages alone are US $14.46 billion. There is still hope to open a Starbucks franchise if you live in Canada, China, the UK, or any other country not part of the US.  

How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Starbucks Franchise?

On average, the Starbucks franchise requires $315,000 as of the initial investment as the licensing fee. Most of the other costs are covered by the company itself, especially if it is a licensed store. A licensed store with Starbucks means that Starbucks will cover the expenses related to the training, marketing, equipment, food menu, software, and hardware within the store. The store design is also paid for by the company.

Starbucks Franchise Owner Income

The Starbucks Franchise Owner or the owner of a licensed shop earns close to $120,000. This is one single outlet in question. The profit from 20 different outlets can be $2.4 million in US dollars. Usually, the daily profits at Starbucks average around $520 for each day. 

Starbucks Franchise Profit Margin

The profit margin of a Starbucks franchise ranges around $108,000 per year for each store. The profit margin may be higher depending on the sales, location, and season. Moreover, Starbucks generates total revenue of $650,000 to $750,000 based on the location.

Starbucks Franchise Requirements

Starbucks franchise will expect a solid financial background when you make an application for the licensed store. It becomes necessary to have $500,000 in one’s bank account as liquid assets. Apart from that, one should list their liabilities, business location, and assets. One should also consider their food service experience apart from a financial background, permits and licenses, ad market demand.

How Much Is A Starbucks Franchise Fee?

The Starbucks franchise fee or the fee for the license is $315,000.

Starbucks Franchise USA

One cannot get hold of a Starbucks franchise in the USA as Starbucks Corporation does not give out franchise operations to individuals in the United States. The company does provide people with licensed store programs wherein one needs to meet the requirements set by Starbucks. Starbucks has direct control over the stores globally as it makes its objective to maintain the quality of the coffee.

Starbucks Franchise Value

Starbucks franchise is worth close to $315,000, and the sales it makes are around $108,000 per year. The franchise’s value or the licensed store can increase or decrease depending on its sales in a particular year.

Starbucks Franchise Worth

Starbucks has total assets worth $19.21 billion in US dollars as of 2019, while the total equity stands at $1.16 billion in 2018. The brand value of Starbucks as of 2020 is 11.25 billion dollars in US dollars.

Why Should You Opt for A Cannabis Dispensary Instead?

The legalization of marijuana in the United States is a reasonably new affair. Only some of the states in the US had the privilege of selling, procuring, and producing marijuana to people. The first states to legalize cannabis in the country were Colorado and Washington in the year 2012. This was when people thought that these states were headed towards impending doom. The current State of affairs in the United States has seen 16 states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. With the federal bill on the table, there is a hope that weed will be legalized on a country-level basis. However, the onus of decriminalization depends on the states of the US.

The cannabis industry is one industry that people should harp on as it is undoubtedly on the rise. There has been an unbelievable rise in sales such that metro cities are looking at a massive expansion of the cannabis market. A total of 62% of Americans support the legalization of cannabis both for medical and recreational purposes. This is because close to 55 million Americans identify as cannabis users themselves. The predicted sales say that the medical sales of marijuana can increase the medical sales in 2022, while the tax collected by the government is also quite hefty – $1 million as collected by Alaska in 2019.

The pandemic had affected every other industry worldwide, but the surprising part was that people still chose to get hold of cannabinoid products. The sales went up to a record high of 67% during the lockdown. At present, the US cannabis industry is worth a total of $61 billion. The US Cannabis market is set to reach USD 100 billion by 2030. The job market is teeming with opportunities for both entry-level employees as well as senior-level employees. The pay for senior-level employees in the cannabis industry is excellent as there is a 22% increase in salaries. If the cannabis law is passed in the federal government, then the people can expect a larger void of jobs and more scope for women.

Thus, the best idea is to harp on the US’s current State of the marijuana industry and work towards establishing a cannabis dispensary. A cannabis dispensary makes an average of $974 on an annual basis. Cannabis retail is highly profitable, with a profit margin of 12%.


  1. Can we open a Starbucks franchise in the US? 

– No, Starbucks does not provide individuals with franchisees in the United States.

  1. How does Starbucks operate in the United States?

– Starbucks offers licenses to individuals who qualify for all the requirements of owning a licensed store. The Starbucks Corporation has direct control over all the licensed stores. In rare cases, Starbucks provides franchisees to someone who has a concession on particular items or has a desirable location for setting up a business.

  1. What is the initial license fee?

– The initial license fee of Starbucks is $315,000.

  1. Where do we apply for the Starbucks licenses?

Apply on the official website and wait for confirmation.

  1. What is the profit margin at Starbucks?

– The profit percentage of Starbucks on average is 11.74%.


If you are looking to set up a Starbucks licensed store, consider setting up a cannabis dispensary as the process for Starbucks is a lot more challenging. The profit margins are good regardless of the situation outside. Even during a pandemic, the sales for cannabinoids went up to a record high. If you wish to set up a cannabis dispensary, reach out to AllCannabisLicenses.com, as they will try to initiate the entire process with you. Their team of experts can advise you on your application. Besides, AllCannabisLicenses.com helps their clients through the application process with their favors from the State and the local authorities.

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