When it comes to luxury living, Marriott is one of a kind. Most people opt for Marriott when they want a taste of top-quality living as Marriott is the best of the best. Marriott encourages people to travel with peace of mind and be surprised by their standards of international luxury living. The chain of Marriott hotels is present in multiple locations across the globe. Marriott International is based out of the United States of America. It is a multinational franchise that offers franchises and operates for lodging and hotel services throughout the world. There are timeshare properties under the banner of Marriott hotels as well.

The Marriott brand name was started in 1927 by J. Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott, his wife. Presently, the executive chairman of the company is their son, Bill Marriott. The headquarters of Marriott hotels is located in Bethesda, Maryland. The Marriott family owns most of the company even to this day. It is a public company that is one of the leaders in the hospitality industry. The total number of locations where one can find Marriott’s presence is 8,484, with operations bases existing worldwide. There are 30 brands under the name of Marriott, and it is considered the largest hotel chain in the world considering the total number of rooms one can find available in the hotels. There are close to 7,642 properties with a whopping number of rooms – 1,423,044. Overall, one can find Marriott hotels in over 130 countries. Now, the division of franchise agreements and direct ownership of Marriott hotels is quite stark. The number of franchise agreements is 5,493 out of 7,642 properties owned by Marriott. Marriott directly manages the remaining 2,149 properties.

Back in the year 1993, Marriott International saw the light of the day. Marriott Corporation went through a split resulting in two separate companies – Marriott International Inc. and Host Marriott Corporation. Host Marriott Corporation is now known as the Host Hotels & Resorts. Host Hotels & Resorts is responsible for owning properties, while Marriott International Inc. is responsible for franchising and managing properties. The Marriott chain has four subsidiaries: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Le Meridien, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

Marriott Franchise Cost

The length of the Marriott franchise term is 20 years, and the franchise term cannot be renewed. Usually, the Marriott hotel chain does not offer renewable franchises. Furthermore, the Marriott chain does not offer direct or indirect financial help. There is no guarantee of loans or other financial obligations from the Marriott chain.

The application fee of Marriott is a fixed sum of $120,000. Marriott supports training, marketing support, revenue management, and other related services with a maximum fee of $196,000. The charges for management services, catering system, sales, and property management ranges between $260,000 and $300,00, while the charges for systems and training are a maximum of $104,000. Franchisees need to pay $25,000 for the market feasibility fee. While there is no fixed fee charged for real estate and the building permit as the values vary from place to place. The equipment, hardware and software, furniture, and operating supplies are separately charged each. The start-up costs and the insurance are separate too. However, the Marriott chain charges $200,000 for startup advertising and opening events. The insurance can range from $99,000 to $287,000.

Marriott Franchise Total Cost

The estimated total cost of a Marriott franchise stands somewhere between $74,129,490 and $117,209,490. The estimated total is only the initial investment that is required from the franchisee’s end. This is an estimate that applies to a Marriott hotel with 300 rooms. This, however, does not include permit and land fees.

Marriott Franchise Fees

The fee required for a Marriott franchise totals $117,209,490 at the most. The other charges required to set up a Marriott franchise include the equipment fee, real estate, building permit, insurance, management fee, services, inventory, advertising, and marketing charges. Marriott chain will also require franchisees to pay the operating costs and the design services as well. Marriott chain will ensure that they take a look at the market in your area and analyze business feasibility. This accrues charges separately as well.

Apart from this, Marriott Hotels offer training of staff, software, and hardware specific to the line of hotels, marketing support, management of revenue, and catering system. All of this requires to be paid separately. The Marriott franchise fee is a total of $120,000.

Marriott Franchise Expenses

The list of expenses for a Marriott franchise is as mentioned below. One must pay for all the expenses as the Marriott Corporation does not provide franchisees with any monetary help, financial loans, or obligatory offers. There is an application fee of $120,000, apart from which the total fee varies depending on the place where the franchise is situated. The total expenses are divided over revenue management, marketing support, training services, management of property, sales and catering services, and building-related expenses, including design charges, operating charges, and equipment charges.

The additional costs of a Marriott franchise include the Marriott Bonvoy program, Sales and Advisory Services, Marketing Initiatives, Digital Services, Transaction Services, Computer and Server charges, and Accounting charges, among many other additional charges. This amounts to an additional amount which is added to the estimated total of $117,209,490. The charges increase as the hotel complex of the franchise increases and expand over 300 rooms.

Marriott Franchise Owner Salary

A Marriott franchise makes a profit of $25,000 to $75,000 on an average every year. According to the FDD of Marriott International, the profits can increase depending on the sales, as evident from their records.

Marriott Franchise Revenue

Marriott International in Bethesda, Maryland, has declared its revenue to stand at $10.571 billion in 2020. Their net income was at -$267 million, but that has strictly been so due to the pandemic. In 2019, the annual revenue of Marriott earned up to $20.97 billion in revenue.

Marriott Franchise Application Process

Marriott is the largest hotel chain the works with around 175,000 employees working under them. The application process for a Marriott franchise is multi-step. The screening process usually takes two days to a week to complete. Once the analysis and the initial investment are complete, one can expect the hotel development to commence soon.

Can You Buy A Marriott Franchise?

It is possible to buy a Marriott franchise, given that the investment and the application process are complete. The franchise fee stands at $120,000, and the benefits go beyond owning a luxury hotel and entertaining guests. The franchise business under the name of Marriott is a huge hit considering a large number of franchisees working under the Marriott brand name.

How Much Does A Marriott Franchise Owner Make?

A franchise owner of a Marriott hotel makes close to $75,000 per year as profits. This is a variable amount as the seasons’ change and the number of guests in the town preferring Marriott changes.

How Much Does the Average Marriott Franchise Owner Make?

On average, a Marriott owner makes close to $75,000 per year as their profit. Apart from that, the revenue can be more which goes directly to Marriott International.

Can I Open A Marriott Franchise?

Opening a Marriott franchise is quite simple as long as you have the means to sustain the entire project. There is little help from the side of Marriott, but it is not enough to carry out the entire development process. One has to apply to Marriott for a franchise, after which they will conduct a program to check the feasibility of the plan. Apart from that they will also analyze the sales in the city and look at the location. Marriott provides training services and other necessary parts of the hotel set-up, including the computers and the servers, hardware, software, catering services, and many such things.

Marriott Franchise Net Worth Requirements

Marriott International stands at a net value of $6.03 billion in terms of its brand value. This made it the leading global hotel chain. The Marriott family has a net worth of $1.2 billion each for Bill and Richard Marriott. As of May 2021, the net worth of the Marriott chain is at $46.49 billion in US dollars. When it comes to franchises, the owner needs to pay the initial investment, after which the usual operations can start with help from the Marriott hotel chain side of the business.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start a Marriott Franchise?

One needs a total of $117,209,490 to start a Marriott franchise. There are other costs which need to be borne by the owner as well. The details are provided along with the application form to be aware of the amount of money they must have in their bankroll.

Marriott Franchise Owner Income

The owner of a Marriott franchise can make anything from $25,000 to $75,000 per year as a profit. The rest of the revenue churned by the franchise goes towards Marriott International fees and payments.

Marriott Franchise Profit Margin

Marriott International has a clear cut profit margin for the franchises under them. The franchisees offer 6% of the gross sales to Marriott. This varies from department to department. The food sales offer 3% as revenue to Marriott International. There is a separate provision for Program Services Contribution. The Program Services mention 1.62% of the room sales, 1% of the room sales for the marketing fund, and $50,000 as an additional amount per year. The guestroom requires $510 for every year to Marriott International. Whatever remains after the monthly and the yearly fees is the profit that belongs to the Marriott franchise.

Marriott Franchise Requirements

The Marriott Franchise has a couple of requirements before they offer the Marriott franchise to the owners. Marriott International requires the personnel to be employed at the franchise hotel to be trained entirely within the given time period. The training must be upto the mark and according to the specifications mentioned by the Marriott guidelines. Post-verification, Marriott International will accept the franchisee as their franchise. There are two types of training – market-based and web-based. The web-based training is self-paced, while the market-based training is something that trainees should attend in person.

Furthermore, once the franchise application is accepted, Marriott International holds an annual General Managers Conference where the franchise’s general manager must attend. The training programs carry on over the years. The territory for the hotel is selected by the franchise and permitted to use once there is approval from Marriott International. The lease, licenses, and other support channels must be active before the franchise is up and running.

How Much Is A Marriott Franchise Fee?

The Marriott Franchise fee stands at $120,000 for a standard 300 room hotel.

Marriott Franchise USA

The Marriott offers a large number of the franchisee to people interested in starting their hotel worldwide. The most significant number of hotels by Marriott is in the United States of America. Even if the franchise under the Marriott is not a hotel, they can easily belong to the counterparts of Marriott. One can take a hotel franchise with a 100 room property or a 2000 room property. There are food options as well as beverage options under Marriott. There are other brands under Marriott International such as JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Delta Hotels by Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites, and many more. One can take a franchise under these names and cater to customers depending on their area of service – be it luxury living, lifestyle hotels, or full-service hotels.

Marriott Franchise Value

The Marriott Franchise investment stands at $120,000,000 approximately for a hotel of 300 guestrooms. The investment increases as the size of the hotel increases. Overall, Marriott International gains close to $10.57 billion in US dollars on average. However, the pandemic has affected the net income.

Marriott Franchise Worth

The Marriott franchise is worth $200,000,000 in liquid assets, while the total value can be far significant depending on the size of the hotels.

Should We Consider Cannabis Dispensary for a Franchise?

Currently, the cannabis industry is booming with opportunities, especially in the United States of America. This is in light of the recent laws that have been passed to legalize cannabis. As a result, this is the perfect time to invest in a cannabis dispensary. The growth rate in the USA for any cannabis-related business is a whopping 15%. The year 2019 saw vacancies for 40,000 jobs which is only set to increase as the years’ pass. The employment rate in the USA has shot up with the recent release of laws concerning the growth, consumption, and sale of marijuana.

However, the licenses being given out by the authorities are limited in number. With the proper research and guidance, it is easy to pass the application process with flying colors. Even in the light of the pandemic, the marijuana industry in the States has been immovable as the sales went up to a shocking 71% increase. This means that the marijuana industry is set to withstand all highs and lows in the market. Presently, the cannabis industry is set to achieve 161% in the coming years, with job opportunities opening up to 321,000. Cannabis is used widely in both medical fields and otherwise, i.e., for recreational purposes. In the lockdown of 2020, the revenue generated from the cannabis industry was alone $18.3 billion.

Thus, this is the ideal time to invest in a cannabis-related business or a dispensary, for that matter, as the profit margins are ridiculously high compared to any other franchise agreement. The average revenue generated from the dispensaries is $3 billion in US dollars per year. The operation charges are at $1.2 million. Overall, the owners can enjoy a 12% profit over the sales.


  1. Should we get a Marriott franchise?

One can get a Marriott franchise if they have enough liquid assets to cover the development and operations of the hotel. The initial investment is relatively high. Thus, it is best to invest in a cannabis dispensary.


  1. What is the application fee for a Marriott franchise?

The application fee for a Marriott franchise is $120,000.


  1. What is the profit made by a Marriott franchise owner?

The Marriott franchise owner makes a profit of $25,000 to $75,000 on average. The profit can surely increase depending on the sales.


  1. Does Marriott cover any part of the initial costs?

Marriott International is not responsible for the initial costs as the owner is expected to invest in liquid assets. Some part of the training may be free.


  1. When is the best time to invest in a cannabis-related business?

The best time to invest in a cannabis-related business is now as the United States of America has undergone enormous legislation for marijuana consumption and sale. The projected job opportunities and the revenues are sky high for the next few years.


If you are considering opening a cannabis dispensary instead of any other franchise, make sure to talk to the experts as they can run you through the procedure and help you out with the application as far as possible. The professionals are adept at securing favors from the authorities, and they make that your application goes through. Schedule a call with them and talk to the experts about the business plan and the road ahead.



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