If you dream of owning a brilliant franchise business, then you have landed on the right website. One of the biggest franchise businesses you can own is for hotels, resorts, and inns, as the profit margin for these is pretty high. One of the most popular and fast-growing hotel franchises is the La Quinta Inns and Suites. This hotel franchise has properties all across Mexico, Canada, Chile, Columbia, and the US. This is the brainchild of real estate entrepreneurs, brothers Sam and Phil Barshop, who established the first La Quinta in 1968 in one of the most bustling cities of the Lone Star State, San Antonio. There was no looking back from that as the brothers soon expanded the business, keeping the first location.

This decision to expand was perfect as it joined a new movement to create a comfortable line of hotels that would suit business travelers. This was way back in 1999 and after the 2018 acquisition by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation. The hotel franchise grew triple-fold.

The base price for standard rooms in the La Quinta Inns and Suites is under $50, and the company on hotels is standardized. However, franchise hotel owners are given the room to have their style incorporated to make their own. The success has been so great that now the chain of franchise hotels is ranked 24 among the top 25 US hotel chains. There are around 900 properties with 88500 rooms under La Quinta, and if you want to join that successful business model, you can if you are ready with the significant capital it requires.  

La Quinta franchise Cost 

You cannot just wake up one day and decide to own a La Quinta franchise hotel. It takes a lot of consideration and deliberations, mainly about the initial investment cost. Buying a La Quinta franchise right is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other costs have to be considered when you want to open a lock winter franchise yourself. There are many other factors like where you are thinking to open the franchise and how many tourists the place witnesses. All of these factors affect the cost, and it is much larger than the initial investment money. The thought of owning a successful franchise sounds like a brilliant idea; however, it can only be of any provision if you have enough funds to run the business successfully.

The initial fee you must have in your account to be a La Quinta owner is 55000 US dollars. Do not get alarmed by this huge amount as there are more kinds of investments that you can consider taking up. Keep in mind that if you are getting overwhelmed by the amount, it might be a bit of a problem because this is just the initial fee, and a lot more money is required to set up the hotel. Think about the fact that you have to decorate your hotel keep in mind the operation cost, and learn about proper hotel management skills so that you will be able to run your hotel without any hassle. Prospective La Quinta franchise owners must also consider that the company even preferred that the owners spend an additional 10000 to 17000 US dollars to check the geographical location and do proper research on the economic prospect of their chosen location.   

La Quinta franchise total cost 

La Quinta is one of the biggest franchise businesses in North America and is ranked 24th in the top 25 hotel businesses of the USA. Therefore you can understand that franchise owners have to maintain specific standards to have a successful La Quinta hotel. This is only possible if you have the right amount of funds and always something extra to cover up when unforeseeable issues come up, often when you are in the hotel market. It will benefit if you have significant capital to invest in your La Quinta franchise to start your own business from scratch. Coming up with a considerable amount is not always feasible for everybody looking to be a franchise owner. Total investment of a La Quinta owner can be up to 8 million to 12 million US dollars for a hundred and nine-room La Quinta Inn & Suites viola 100-room one will require a total investment of around 3 million US dollars to somewhere around 6 million. Of course, this amount does not include the real estate cost, depending on the geographical location. The total franchise cost is quite a hefty amount. Still, when you considered the two billion market valuation of La Quinta hotels, you will understand why such a considerable amount is required to be invested as a return will be way more than what you put in.  

La Quinta franchise Fees 

If you are thinking of starting your La Quinta franchise business, you are in the right place. Go over all the details given here to find all the essential information regarding owning a La Quinta franchise. Most of the people who cannot succeed in owning a successful franchise have one thing in common. They do not have the liquid cash required to give them the boost to have a successful start. To have your own La Quinta franchise, you have must have 55000 US dollars as the initial franchise fee. This amount may seem quite a lot initially; however, considering that it is one of the most successful hotel franchise programs, this fee is reasonable. If you want to start your own business, you will see that many other unforeseen expenses are coming up; however, owning a successful La Quinta franchise will not have such problems as the detailed breakdown of all the investments will be given here for your benefit.  

La Quinta franchise Expenses 

The famous proverb- as you sow, so shall you reap- is the one you should keep in mind when thinking about being a franchise business owner. The amount you will invest will give you proper returns. For this reason, when you are trying to build your own La Quinta hotel franchise, you will have to spend quite a significant amount initially to kickstart your business and to start earning big profits. It is a one-time investment as the hotel’s upkeep will also not cause you are a lot of issues once the business starts, as the yearly revenue will be pretty high given the popularity of these chains of franchise hotels. You need to keep in mind that you need to pay off the initial franchise fee of $55,000. After that, the total expenses can be anywhere between 3 million US dollars to 12 million, depending upon the kind of property you are creating.  

La Quinta franchise Owner Salary 

A La Quinta franchise owner can earn quite a significant amount. The yearly salary of the owner will depend upon a lot of factors depending upon where they have the location and how big of a hotel franchise has created. However, it is assured that the number will be much higher than the initial investments. The popularity of La Quinta franchise hotels will also benefit you, and the hotel’s marketing will also not be your headache as the company itself does it.  

La Quinta franchise Revenue 

La Quinta franchise is one of the most famous hotel franchise changes in North America. It has around 900 units, and the success of these franchise hotels is bringing in quite a considerable amount of profit which amounts to 2 billion US dollars annually.  

La Quinta franchise Application Process 

The application process for opening a La Quinta franchise is pretty simple. Just contact the company and get the proper information to go about the process. The company will take you through the entire process without any hassle, and it will also offer you training and support to be a successful franchise owner. Lakhwinder offers hundreds of hours of classroom and hands-on training, which includes owner orientation, pre-opening general management training, training for opening, general managing training, ongoing management training, and product quality program instructions. You have prior experience in the hospitality industry. You can pay the initial fees to go over the formalities regarding the location of which you will open the franchise; otherwise, you can go through the training program to be a successful franchise owner from the first day.

Can you buy a La Quinta franchise? 

As long as you have the initial franchise fee of 55000 US dollars and the insight to be a successful La Quinta franchise owner, then you can surely be one. It would help if you had the proper capital to establish a successful franchise of this well-established chain of hotels.  

How much does a La Quinta franchise owner make? 

La Quinta franchise has a total revenue of 2 billion US dollars, and owners of this franchise will enjoy a significant portion of this amount. A lot of factors go into owning a La Quinta franchise. The franchise owner’s amount will depend upon that geographical location and the kind of traffic they are witnessing. 

How much does the average La Quita franchise owner make?  

The La Quinta brand is perfect for owners who are looking to earn lots of profit. The chain of hotels, which is a part of the more prominent Wyndham family, does require the owner to have sufficient liquid capital to sustain the opening cost. However, on average, the owner will make quite a significant profit, and the initial cost will seem nothing at the end of the year when the revenue starts rolling in. It is much more profitable than starting a new business from scratch.

Can I open a La Quinta franchise? 

Anybody with the right skills to run a successful La Quinta franchise and the initial liquid capital can be a part of its franchise family. Therefore not only money is required to have a successful La Quinta franchise but also the right skills, which can be learned through the program offered by the company as long as you are willing.  

Chipotle franchise Net worth requirements 

If you want to open a La Quinta franchise hotel in your area, you will have to take care of the net worth requirement, which starts with 55000 USD dollars, which is the initial franchise fee. Other than that, you need the money required to purchase the plot of land on which you will have your hotel along with anywhere between three million US dollars to 12 million depending upon the size of the franchise hotel you want to construct.  

How much money do you need to start a La Quinta franchise?  

You need quite a significant amount of money to start the La Quinta franchise. You need the initial fee of 55000 US dollars and millions in liquid capital to give yourself the boost to have a successful franchise that will have a lot of customers.  

La Quinta franchise owner income 

A La Quinta hotel owner can generate quite an amount of profit, and it will all depend upon the location and the kind of initial investment they have made. It is a profitable venture, and owners can become quite rich considering the net worth of 2 billion for this franchise.  

La Quinta franchise profit margin 

La Quinta is one of the top-rated hotel franchises in the USA, and considering this, the profit margin of the franchise is relatively high. This kind of hotel is perfect not only for families on vacation but primarily for business travelers. This is why it is generating quite a tremendous amount of profit annually.  

La Quinta franchise requirements 

To own a La Quinta franchise, all you need is the right capital and business acumen to be successful. Ensure that you have the liquid capital and the initial fee of 55000 USD dollars to give yourself the kickstart.  

How much is a La Quinta franchise fee? 

La Quinta’s franchise fee is only 55000 US dollars, and when compared to other hotel franchises of the same range, this is quite a low amount.

La Quinta franchise the USA 

There are hundreds of La Quinta franchises in the USA, including its headquarters in Texas. This hotel chain is ranked 24th in the US, and its popularity is increasing as the days go by.  

La Quinta franchise value 

Owning the La Quinta franchise will be pretty profitable as the valuation of this chain of hotels is 2 billion US dollars. The number of the franchise is also increasing as its popularity is skyrocketing in the US.  

La Quinta franchise worth 

Being an owner of a La Quinta franchise will be pretty profitable. If you want to be a franchise owner of a hotel, then La Quinta should be your first and only pick. As long as you have the money to invest, you will have a successful franchise earning huge profits annually.  

How will opening a cannabis dispensary franchise be more profitable than a La Quinta one?  

When the coronavirus hit, most hotels and food chain franchises had to be closed down. However, there was one franchise that was thriving, and that is the cannabis dispensary franchise. Medical practitioners of the world today are becoming more and more favorable to the idea of using cannabis extracts for medicinal and recreational purposes. For a long time, this plant was characterized as a drug, and it is still so in many parts of the world. However, modern research has shown that it is a highly beneficial plant that can elevate the symptoms of many e medical conditions. It has even been found that cannabis has less addictive and harmful quality than tobacco which is permissible in most countries.

With the tide of uncertainty brought by the covid lockdown and its subsequent pressure on the economy, it might be better for you to consider opening a cannabis dispensary franchise rather than a La Quinta one. The cannabis market is growing day by day, and it is incredibly profitable. Cannabis dispensaries are also considered essential services; that’s why these franchises are never opened, even in a pandemic situation. Considering the significant investment cost of opening a La Quinta franchise and the profit margin it will bring to your table, you will find that opening a cannabis dispensary is a much better option. With the cannabis market becoming more profitable day by day at this juncture, choosing a cannabis dispensary franchise is a better option if you want to be a franchise owner.  


What is the franchise fee for La Quinta?  

The franchise fee of La Quinta hotel can go up to $55000 in the USA, which is pretty affordable compared to other hotels in its range.  

What is the yearly revenue for La Quinta? 

The yearly revenue for La Quinta hotels has a total valuation of around 2 billion US dollars.   

How many royalties does a La Quinta franchise owner have to pay?  

A La Quinta franchise owner has to pay 4.5 % of gross room revenue for the first two years of establishing their franchise and subsequently 5% as royalties.  


Being a franchise owner is highly profitable, especially if you choose a profitable chain of hotels like La Quinta. However, it will take you a lot of money and hard work to have a successful hotel. You can choose to be a cannabis dispensary franchise owner, which takes much less investment and more straightforward returns. Whatever may be your decision, do proper homework and make a good decision that will help you be a successful franchise owner earning lots of your yearly revenue. 

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