Jersey Mike’s Sub is one of the most famous sandwich chains in the United States, and it has locations even in Australia and Canada. At this very moment, there are about 1910 Jersey Mike’s Franchises open, and a hundred more are in development in the United States alone. This franchise’s history starts with a 14-year-old boy, Peter Cancro, taking a part-time job at Mike’s submarine located just a few blocks away from Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. Soon, the sandwich shop owner would put it up for sale in 1975, and Cancaro’s mother suggested that Peter should buy it.

Peter, who had turned 17 back then, took the help of his High School football coach and banker to purchase the sandwich shop by accumulating $125,000 in just three days. To this day, Peter is still the owner and CEO of Jersey Mike’s Subs. In 1987 he started franchising the restaurant as the simple yet delectable recipe gained quite the fan base. The most popular sandwich of the franchisee uses the original Mike’s store recipe answer of the submarine sandwiches to order. All the meats and cheeses are sliced in front of the customer.

One can even go to the shop and choose to order it exactly as it used to be by ordering the best sandwich called the ‘Mike’s Way’ to get sliced onions, shredded lettuce, oregano toes, and spices along with ‘The Juice’ as condiments which has only a red wine vinegar and olive oil. Each franchise also has a signature cherry pepper relish for which this franchise is well known. This is the secret to the success of this franchise as It stays true to its roots and offers customers fresh sandwiches no matter from which location of the shop they are buying.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Cost

If you want to start your Jersey Mike’s franchise business, you have to understand that you have to make a lot of consideration before you take up this huge responsibility on your head. Running a successful franchise business takes a lot of hard work, and of course, it takes a lot of money. The first thing that you need to focus on if you want to open your own Jersey Mike’s franchise is to accumulate the initial investment to purchase the rights to open your franchise. We all know that Jersey Mike’s is quite popular, and for this reason, the franchise cost of this company is also high. The idea of having a successful franchise may sound fun. However, it is only so if you have a lot of capital on your hands. The initial fee that you have to pay Jersey Mike for franchising permission is estimated to be 18,500 dollars, which must be paid when you sign the franchise agreement.

Keep in mind that this is just the amount you have to pay to get the license to the franchise and the actual cause of your investment if you consider things like construction fee, renting fee, money to be spent on equipment, training fee, insurance, initial inventory, etc. then the cost can go up to anywhere between $169,001 and $804,045. However, you have to keep in mind that you are investing in a successful business without having to come up with an original business model. Another thing is that if you compare the total cost of opening a Jersey Mike’s franchise to other sandwich franchise shops, you will see that Mike’s is offering a pretty fantastic deal.

Jersey Mike’s franchise total cost

Jersey Mike’s is one of the biggest and successful sandwich franchise businesses in the United States. Therefore you can surely understand that franchise owners will have to spend quite some money to meet the specific standards set by my Jersey Mike’s to have a successful business. This amount required is quite a hefty sum if you consider all the requirements to have a successful sandwich shop. Buying the inventory required to make the sandwich is honestly the most straightforward task if you consider the initial steps of securing a plot of land where you will erect your sandwich shop. Even if you find the perfect location, there are many legal technicalities that you have to go through to get permission to own a safe eatery.

Along with this initial amount, you always need some extra capital to meet the unforeseeable issues that often come up when you are a part of the food industry. You always have to keep a clean shop, and your sanitation standards have to be of the highest order. Therefore, you need to sort out a successful model of acquiring the total investment amount required to open a Jersey Mike’s franchise, which can be up to $169,001 to even $804,045. Of course, this amount includes the real estate cost, and the actual amount will vary according to the geographical location you have selected. This is quite a considerable amount; however, if you consider the market valuation of Jersey Mike’s, you will understand why this vast sum is required.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Fees

If you want to start your own Jersey Mike franchise business, you are in the right place as this article will go over all the details that you need to know to own a successful Jersey Mike’s sub sandwich franchise. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make while planning to own their franchise is that they do not accumulate much liquid cash required to give your business a boost from the start. Just gathering the initial franchise fee, which is around 18500 US dollars, is not enough. This amount may seem like a lot; however, you will see that a lot more is required if you about the total cost. Suppose you plan to have your own franchise business. In that case, you have to keep in mind that you always have to keep another separate amount ready to deal with any unforeseeable expenses that can come up while being in the food industry.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Expenses

The returns you will get from your investment heavily depend upon the money you are putting in your Jersey Mike’s franchise business. Therefore when you are building your own Jersey Mike’s franchise, you have to spend a lot to help you start your business towards a successful future. The initial amount you put in will significantly affect the way your business will run, and once the yearly revenue comes in, you will understand that the investment is all worth it. The initial total expense of around $169,001 to $804,045 will seem like nothing when the profit starts rolling in.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Owner Salary

Owners of Jersey Mike’s franchise can make quite a significant amount of money. The yearly salary of any Jersey Mike’s owner will depend upon several factors like the location or how big the franchise is. It will also depend upon the number of customers or traffic they are witnessing. Jersey Mike’s company assures that owners following the successful model of running a Jersey Mike’s developed by them will witness incredible profits.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Revenue

Jersey Mike’s is one of the most famous sandwich chains in the US. Sandwiches are one of the most popular fast foods in the country, and there are about 1000 successful franchises all across the country. The sandwich market itself has a two billion valuation as a whole; therefore, you can understand that having a successful Jersey Mike’s franchise will be a brilliant option for you.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Application Process

The application process for having your own Jersey Mike’s franchise is pretty simple. You need to go to the official website for Jersey Mike’s and go through their process. Follow the steps given below to understand exactly how the company completes the application and selection process:

  • First and foremost, you need to fill up the online application form, which will be available on the official website of Jersey Mike’s.
  • Then, you need to wait for the initial phone spinning process, whereby you will be analyzed to see if you meet the company’s criteria.
  • You will also be given the franchise disclosure document afterward, which you need to understand how the company functions entirely. Also, this document is given so that you will not disclose company secrets.
  • After two weeks or so, the initial interview process will be completed.

Can you buy a Jersey Mike’s franchise?

Anybody can buy a Jersey Mike’s franchise as long as they have the insight to be a successful franchise owner and they have the initial franchise fee of 18500 US dollars with them. Along with that, you need to have the proper investment amount required to establish a successful franchise of this popular sandwich chain.

How much does a Jersey Mike’s franchise owner make?

Jersey Mike’s franchise owner can make quite a significant amount. Many factors go into this; however, you can expect a good return on your investment as Jersey Mike’s is one of the most popular sandwich chains in the US.

How much does the average Jersey Mike’s franchise owner make?

The Jersey Mike’s brand is perfect for people who want to be franchise owners earning many annual profits. Best sandwich chain shop has been franchising for years, and to earn quite a large amount of money, you need to have sufficient liquid capital, which will help you sustain the opening cost. If the success is maintained for your franchise chain, then on average, you will make quite a significant profit which will be more than what you can earn if you start a new business.

Can I open a Jersey Mike’s franchise?

Anyone can have their own Jersey Mike’s franchise, and it doesn’t matter from which background you are coming. As long as you have the right skills to be a business owner, you will fit right in. All you need is the initial liquid capital to be a part of this franchise, and you can even gain the skills required to be a successful business owner by going through the program offered by the company.

Jersey Mike’s franchise Net worth requirements

Jersey Mike’s franchise net worth is relatively high as it is one of the largest and best sandwich chains in the US. It even has locations outside of the US, like Canada, with hundreds of more locations on the way.

How much money do you need to start a Jersey Mike’s franchise?

You need to accumulate a significant amount of money to start Jersey Mike’s franchise. Not only do you have to secure the initial fee for a franchising license, but also thousands of dollars in liquid capital that is required to build your franchise.

Jersey Mike’s franchise owner income

Jersey Mike’s owner, you can expect to generate quite a significant profit and income. However, many factors go into this, and as long as you give yourself the proper kick start taking advantage of the successful business model of this sandwich chain, you will have nothing to worry about.

Jersey Mike’s franchise profit margin

The profit margin of Jersey Mike’s franchise is pretty high. After all, this is one of the most popular sandwich changes in all of the US.

Jersey Mike’s franchise requirements

To own a successful Jersey Mike’s franchise, all you need to do is find the right capital and the skills to be a successful business owner. Ensure that you have enough liquid capital and the initial fee to give yourself the proper kickstart.

How much is a Jersey Mike’s franchise fee?

The franchise fee for Jersey Mike’s is quite reasonable, and it is only 18500 US dollars. If you compare to other sandwich franchises of the same ranks, you will see that this amount is reasonable.

Jersey Mike’s franchise the USA

Jersey Mike’s has been voted as one of the best sandwich franchises in the USA. The fresh ingredients used by this company, as well as their friendly customer policy, helps in increasing its popularity.

Jersey Mike’s franchise value

Owning Jersey Mike’s franchise will be pretty profitable for us; the valuation of this company is pretty high. The sandwich market is valued at billions of dollars, and the popularity of this fast food is at an all-time high.

Jersey Mike’s franchise worth

Being the owner of Jersey Mike’s franchise will be highly profitable for you. If you want to be a franchise owner of a sandwich shop, then Jersey Mike’s should be your choice. As long as you have the capital, you will run a successful franchise earning significant annual profits.

How will opening a Cannabis Dispensary Franchise be a better option than Jersey Mike’s franchise?

Today’s medical world is becoming more aware and welcoming two words using cannabis extracts for medicinal and recreational purposes. With the covid-19 virus and its subsequent economic losses towards food change franchises, many franchise owners consider whether opening a popular food chain franchise or hotel franchise would be a better option or a cannabis dispensary franchise. The latter option sounds more favorable. Even when many companies have to be shut down and hotels and food chains had to close their doors due to lockdown rules, cannabis dispensaries open as they were considered emergency services.

Many people rely on the medicinal aspect of the cannabis plant to elevate the symptoms of their conditions. Many cancer patients also have to utilize cannabis to help them deal with the pain. With government regulations relaxing towards cannabis making this industry grow leaps and bounds, you can understand why having a cannabis dispensary franchise would be much more favorable than owning a Jersey Mike franchise. Of course, we are not saying that having a Jersey Mike’s franchise is not profitable; however, if you do the math, you will see that a cannabis dispensary is a much better option. Therefore, consider a cannabis dispensary franchise your path to success if you want to be a franchise owner.


What is the franchise fee for Jersey Mike’s franchise?

The franchise fee of Jersey Mike’s Sub is around 18500 US dollars, and this amount is entirely justified if you compare it to other popular sandwich brands.

What is the yearly revenue for Jersey Mike’s franchise?

The average Jersey Mike franchise can do over $600,000 in sales.

How many royalties does a Jersey Mike’s franchise owner have to pay? 

A Jersey Mike’s franchise owner has to pay around 6% of profit as royalty fees along with the 1% additional fees for advertisements.


Ensure to go through the entire article to understand how to make the right decision while choosing a franchise business for yourself. There are many different kinds of franchises out there. If you look at the numbers, you will surely understand that of all the different franchises out there, having a cannabis dispensary would be the best option for you. Ensure that you take the time to go over the numbers correctly and make the smartest choice for yourself to earn lots of profit as a successful franchise owner.




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