The Days Inn brand offers low-cost hotel facilities, including the best quality complimentary breakfast & high-speed Wi-Fi. In addition, the organization has three decades of franchising experience. When you purchase a Days Inns hotel franchise, you get a complete sales and support package for franchisees that include marketing assistance, training, and advice on building a Days Inns Worldwide franchise. Over 1800 Days Inn with Wyndham franchise places have successfully operated under the branded product, demonstrating the brand’s sustainability. All investing information is available, including royalty fees, cost, requirements, and net profit.

In 1970, Cecil B. Day established his first hotel on Tybee Beach, Georgia. Days Inn has developed into a network of approximately 2,000 franchised hotels in the United States and worldwide until then, with some hotels offering free breakfast & allowing dogs in selected rooms.

Days Inn by Wyndham is the part of Wyndham Resorts & Hotels family of resorts that also includes Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Wingate by Wyndham, Baymont by Wyndham, Microtel Inns & Suites, Howard Johnson by Wyndham, Super 8 by Wyndham, Ramada Worldwide by Wyndham, Travelodge by Wyndham, & Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

Days Inn Franchise Cost

To launch a Days Inn Worldwide, you will require $394,700 in investment cash. The expected minimum investment in a Days Inn Worldwide place is $394,700. The maximum amount that somebody who opens a position should assume to spend is $5,725,600. The franchise fee paid by new franchisees to the franchisor is $36,000. The total number of locations for the franchise has now surpassed 1900.

Days Inn Franchise Total Cost

The franchisee primarily runs a Days Inn guest lodging facility that provides overnight amenities and other services. For an 89-room new building facility, the total investment required to open a Days Inn franchise varies from $5,481,855 to $7,992,935. The overall value required to open a Days Inn franchise for 100-room conversion facility ranges between $187,370 and $1,691,300. The above figures include payments to the franchise owner or an affiliate of $43,600 to $46,600.

Days Inn Franchise Fees

If you want to franchise your business in this city, you should know a few things. The franchise fee for Days Inn is up to $35,000, with an initial investment ranging from $292,634 to $8,281,441. The original cost should be $292,634 – $8,281,441, and the Net-worth Requirement should be $292,634 with ongoing charges. The initial franchise fee is $35,000, with a 5.5 percent ongoing licensing fee and a 3.8 percent ad royalty fee. You should have a net value of more than $292,634 to start a Days Inn hotel franchise.

Days Inn Franchise Expenses

The franchisee pays the franchisee a fee for using the brand’s logo, name, goodwill, and marketing, referral, and reservation systems. Franchise fees often include an initial charge with the franchise request and ongoing costs paid on a regular basis during the length of the franchise agreement.

The starting fee is usually in the form of a minimum monetary amount dependent on the number of rooms in the hotel. For instance, the initial charge may be as little as $45,000, with $300 for every room over 150. A resort with 125 rooms will pay $45,000, while a property with 200 rooms will pay $60,000.

The initial cost is paid when the franchise application is submitted. This amount covers the expense of processing the application, evaluating the site, estimating potential market, evaluating the designs or current layout, checking the land during construction, as well as offering services during the pre-opening and conversion phases.

The initial cost structure is sometimes reduced while reflagging an existing hotel. Unless the franchise is not accepted, some franchisors may refund the initial price. In contrast, others will keep a percentage of the price, between 5% and 20%, to pay the expense of evaluating the application.

Days Inn Franchise Owner Salary

For Days Inn franchised hotels, the owner’s remuneration is modest. The hotel owner can earn $980,000 on average, ranging from $400,000 to $600,000 per year. Don’t forget that the owner is responsible for a 4% – 6% franchise fee. He is indeed repaying the finance on the property’s buying cost with interest. This may be worth more than $5 million. Naturally, the owner of a mega-franchise like Days Inn with dozens or hundreds of locations makes a lot of money. However, it’s safe to assume that this proprietor is in charge of a firm rather than a hotel.

The $990,000 is the approximate hotel owner’s income; on the other hand, it does not reveal the complete story. For many people, buying their first franchise hotel is about more than just running the place. Instead, they see the investment as such an opportunity to understand the business from the lower level.

Days Inn Franchise Revenue

The worldwide revenue generated by Days Inn franchise units is estimated to be in the range of 8040 crores USD per year. Before founding Days Inn, founder Cecil B. Day engaged in real estate in Atlanta, wherein he built & developed apartment complexes. In Atlanta, he reportedly owned multiple Jiffy Drive-In and Carrol’s establishments. In 1969, Day sold his properties to Phipps Land Company for $14 million, the state of Georgia’s largest real estate transaction at the time.

Days Inn Franchise Application Process

Before starting with the franchising application, you should check the market availability for Days Inn franchises to see any available areas in your desired area.

Submit the application, and then the Days Inn franchise team will assess your application. Upon receipt of your online application, you will receive an email confirmation receipt, along with the franchise owner’s contact information.

Get the Days Inn franchise approved and open your doors. When the financial & background investigations are completed, you will be approved for a franchise. Only applicants who satisfy all of the franchisee owners’ standards will be approved.

The accompanying advances may assist you with understanding the application process well:

  •         Can you buy a Days Inn Franchise?

On the other hand, purchasing a franchise is an excellent approach to learn the business because the franchisor will give you advice and guidance. Because of the franchisor’s advertising budget, you don’t have to spend on marketing. You also have the option to unflag the property when the franchise agreement expires. As a result, the hotel is independent and private. You can also rebrand the resort to a greater level.

  •         How much does a Days Inn Franchise owner make?

Before buying a franchise, potential franchisees study various franchisors to see how much money they can make. When those who approach the franchisor understand it more, they may discover that franchisors are hesitant to respond. They can’t tell a potential future franchise owner however much money they can make for various reasons.

When calculating however much money you can make, remember to factor in the franchise fee as just an initial set-up cost. When calculating how much money you can make, you must account for royalty to the franchisor, materials, services, rent, insurance, construction improvements, advertising, and other expenses. Expenses for learning how to operate the franchise must be factored into your startup costs as well.

The amount of money or financial gains by several franchisee owners is dependent on a number of factors.

As per the Franchise Investigator site, a franchise owner’s median yearly salaries in 2010 are around $75,000 & $125,000. According to the site, 30% of franchise owners earn over $150,000 annually.

  •         How much does the average Days Inn Franchise make?

The amount of money and profit implemented by many franchisee proprietors is dependent on some factors. The average profit ranges from $500 to $1 million. Many important factors include choosing the right franchise, investing in it, hard work, the franchise brand and process, and so on. Franchises are similar to other businesses in that you must make smart decisions & work hard to make them succeed. The average profit ranges from $500 to $1 million.

  •         Can I open a Days Inn Franchise?

Yes, however, you must first evaluate real estate costs, equipment and signage prices, license and permission charges, insurance prices, and so on. Examine your previous experience and skills. Before seeking to become a Days Inn by Wyndham franchise owner, you should carefully consider your previous business experience. After that, examine the market’s accessibility.

Before applying for a Days Inn franchise, you’ll need to check the appropriate ratio for Days Inn franchisees and determine whether there are any available areas in your desired location.

  •         Days Inn Franchise net worth requirements

To create the Days Inn hotel franchise, you should have a net worth of greater than $292,634 and have appropriate capitalization.

  •         How much money do you need to start a Days Inn Franchise?

The first price may be as little as $45,000, with an additional $300 for each room by each space over 150. A resort with 125 rooms will pay $45,000; while a hotel having 200 rooms will pay $60,000. The initial cost is paid when the franchise application is submitted.

  •         Days Inn Franchise owner income

The pay range for the largest hotel owners is usually reported to be $40,000 to $60,000 annually. However, the figure was obtained from a Business Week story from 2009, and it doesn’t appear to be updated since then.

To use an inflation calculator, you can calculate that hotel chain owners may expect to receive between $49,000 and $74,000 every year in 2021 dollars.

To put it in context, the American middle class comprises those who earn around $48,500 and $145,500 each year. The amount of money needed to be classified as “middle class” is determined by the number of your family members and where you live.

  •         Days Inn Franchise profit margin 

Purchasing a franchise allows you to own a business while having to create one from the ground up. Of course, it’s no secret that purchasing a hotel is costly, let alone the continuous expense of operating. A tourism franchise or hotel business, on the other hand, can generate substantial earnings and potentially make you a millionaire if correctly managed. Days Inn franchise profit margins might reach up to 8050 crores USD.

  •         Days Inn Franchise requirements
  • Real estate costs, the cost of the equipment & signs, the cost of permits and licenses, the cost of insurance, and so on are some of the necessities for starting a new Franchise business.
  • Before applying to become a Days Inn by Wyndham franchise owner, you need to discuss your previous business experience.
  • You should check the Days Inn franchise market availability to determine any available marketplaces in your desired location.
  • Most significantly, you should have a net worth of at least $292,634 to operate a Days Inn hotel franchise.
  •         How much is a Days Inn Franchise fee? 

To be a franchisee, most franchise organizations require new franchisees to pay a one-time upfront fee. This cost could be as minimal as $11,000 to $16,000 or as much as $100,000 or more in some situations. For the single unit, the average or usual first franchise cost is around $25,000 or $40,000.

  •         Days Inn Franchise USA

The Days Inn hotel chain is based in the United States. Cecil B. Day created it in 1970, with the initial facility on Tybee Island, Georgia. The Wyndham Hotels & Restaurants, headquartered in New Jersey, Parsippany, which used to be a part of Cendant, currently owns the brand. Days Inn has 1,728 sites globally, with 137,678 rooms as of December 31, 2018. As of May 19, 2021, there will be 1,368 Days Inn establishments in the United States. Texas has the most Days Inn Hotel places in the United States, with 138 accounting for 10% of any Days Inn sites.

  •         Days Inn Franchise value

More than 1800 Days Inn by Wyndham franchise locations have successfully operated under the brand name, demonstrating the brand’s popularity. In addition, the organization has 45 years of franchising experience. When you purchase a Days Inns hotel franchise, you get a complete product and service program for franchisees that include marketing assistance, training, and advice on building a Days Inns Worldwide franchise. All investing information is available, including requirements, royalty fees, cost, & profit ratio.

  •         Days Inn Franchise worth 

The financial advantages of owning the hotel are obvious, but the opportunity to experience it is unrivaled by any other real estate investment. Even the most basic limited-service hotel gives you plenty of room to walk around with very few restrictions. You can easily access rooms, communal areas, and the back of a house.

How is Cannabis Dispensary Franchise better than Days Inn Franchise?

The following are the key advantages of opening a dispensary franchise:

  • Fast time – to – market – By avoiding the hassle of navigating regulations & making all of your own decisions, you can have your gate closed sooner. You’ll also receive assistance with site selection.
  • Lower risk –As every business has dangers, starting a small firm with a well-known brand, a tried-and-true playbook, & built-in support will reduce the risk.
  • A well-known name is frequently enough to entice visitors to visit your store. A franchise could provide you with a ready-made customer base from the start.
  • Legal advice– marketing materials & exposure to a trustworthy partner network are all available through a team of seasoned specialists with an established track record. Companies can also provide employee training, which is vital because many dispensary team members would be new to the cannabis sector and will require further assistance and training to be compliant in new areas.


  • What is the franchise fee of Days Inn?

– In the United States, the franchise price for Days Inn might reach $60000, which is lower than the charge for other prominent franchises.

  • What is the yearly revenue of the Days Inn franchise?

– The entire annual revenue from Days Inn franchises may easily provide revenue of 8040 crores USD.

  • What is the salary of a Days Inn franchise owner?

– A Days Inn franchise owner can make up to $86,000 a year. Based on the unit’s quantity of revenue each year, the value could go up to $100000.

Final thoughts

After reading the article, you can easily select the correct franchise business suitable for you. Also, the professionals will assist you through the whole method, from crafting a cannabis business plan to enabling your cannabis license application & assuring the cannabis licenses in any state! So, before you invest a huge amount in the franchise, learn about the profit margin & other aspects you need to know.

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