7-Eleven Franchise Information

A Brief Introduction

7-Eleven Inc. is a world-renowned chain of convenience stores that has hubs all around the world. 7-Eleven was founded in 1927, but it was known as Tote’m Stores between the years 1928 and 1946. The headquarters of 7-Eleven is located in Irving, Texas, and it has been selling its franchises to suitable business owners since the year 1964. 7-Eleven has about 71,000 stores spread all over the world.

If you are interested in investing in a 7-Eleven franchise, then keep on reading. We will tell you all you need to know about it.

Afterward, however, you will learn about a newer, up-and-coming industry that is here to stay.

7-Eleven Franchise Cost

The initial fee for owning a 7-Eleven franchise is approximately $25,000. Most people who invest their capital in this business go on to enjoy a profitable journey.


7-Eleven Franchise Total Cost

Apart from the initial franchise fee, you also need to pay for the expenses that will provide the structure of the new business. This means an extra $20,000 to $40,000, along with an initial cash register fund.


7-Eleven Franchise Fees

The 7-Eleven franchise fees are pretty modest, approximately $25,000. However, you will also need to pay some overhead costs to establish a new business in your preferred location.


7-Eleven Franchise Expenses Summary

  • Initial franchise fees: $25,000
  • Training expenses: $10,000
  • Inventory down payment and funds: $20,000 to $40,000
  • Location development: Varies by site


7-Eleven Franchise Gross Income

An owner of a 7-Eleven franchise can expect a minimum yearly gross income of around $370,000. However, if the store is not making this amount, then 7-Eleven will adjust their monthly fees accordingly.

7-Eleven Franchise Revenue

The revenue generated by a 7-Eleven, after accounting for all the bonuses and compensation fees, is approximately $31,000 per month. Therefore, a thriving business under the 7-Eleven brand will quickly start to see profits.

7-Eleven Franchise Application Process Steps

  1. Fill out the form for a 7-Eleven franchise dealership.
  2. Present the required documents and credentials, and wait for the 7-Eleven team to approve them.
  3. Select the region and store, and all the financials and business models for the upcoming year will be settled accordingly.

Can I buy an existing 7-Eleven franchise?

Yes, anyone can buy an already established 7-Eleven franchise. You would have to pay the initial fees for the franchise and fill a specific form.

7-Eleven Franchise Profit Margin

The profit margin for owning a 7-Eleven franchise is much higher than most other franchises out there. A franchise profit of around 1.5 percent to 1.9 percent is already considered very good. That said, the average profit margin of a 7-Eleven franchise is around 5 percent.

7-Eleven Franchise Requirements

To be an eligible candidate for owning a 7-Eleven franchise in the USA, you will have to present a set of documents, as well as your business idea once you are approved to use the brand’s name. As mentioned before, you will have to make some initial payments before setting up your new store.

7-Eleven Franchise Worth

The 7-Eleven franchise has been growing steadily during the last few years, and given the current economic climate, it will continue to grow even more in the future. 7-Eleven is a company that owns thousands of convenience stores spread all across the world, and being part of this network might provide a stable income for several years.


Of course, there are alternative markets to consider investing in, and one of the most promising ones is the cannabis industry. Let us find out why below.

Why you should invest in a Cannabis Dispensary Franchise in the USA

Companies that deal with Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis dispensaries have developed significantly in the last few years, especially in the USA. Owning a franchise for a Cannabis Dispensary can be one of the most profitable business ventures nowadays, and the sooner the investment, the greater the profits in the long run.

By taking a look at the most recent analytics regarding the Cannabis Dispensary business, one can see that states, where marijuana has been legalized, have seen a tremendous job development rate. The number of workers in this sector was around 33,700 in 2019. After decriminalization laws were passed, more than 243,700 new jobs were created. Cannabis Dispensary Franchises are reporting more than 100% expansion in profits within two years. No other burgeoning field even comes close to these numbers as of late.

The work markets in Florida grew 93% in 2019. The Cannabis Dispensary business currently accounts for more than 20,000 workers in Florida, the state with the highest number of marijuana users in the country. It is an $800 million market! Something similar can be seen in Oklahoma’s clinical market, which increased by an astounding 221% since 2019 and has amassed more than $350 million in profits. California has created the most jobs, with 55,000 full-time representatives, trailed by Colorado, with more than 35,000 people.

Buying into the cannabis industry right now is one of the wisest investments one could make. The market is still young and affordable and has the potential of granting tremendous profits and a firm grip in the sector throughout the next several decades. Speak with one of our cannabis license experts right now to learn more about this exciting space. We can help expedite the entire process for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a Cannabis Dispensary a successful business venture in the USA?

Absolutely. Before 2019, businesses related to cannabis did not offer much in terms of profits and sales. However, ever since the legalization of consumable weed in the USA, this sector has been booming. Thousands of new investors join this new venture every day. Over the last two years alone, the cannabis market has grown twofold.

  1. Is it challenging to open a Cannabis Dispensary in the USA?

Not at all. Anyone with the necessary documents and some capital to spare can set up a Cannabis Dispensary in the USA. There are no major restrictions in states where the cannabis market has been deemed legal.

  1. Why has the cannabis sector become so profitable in the last two years?

Because of numerous laws that have led to the legal consumption of marijuana in the USA. Compared to other franchise dealerships that have become stagnant over the years, this new sector is booming due to its very high demand and lack of giant sponsors. Early investors are being very generously rewarded.

  1. What profits can I expect from owning a Cannabis Dispensary franchise?

According to the latest reports, most franchise owners in this sector are paid approximately $500,000 every year.


Owning your own business in the year 2021 is easier said than done. It is a considerable challenge for an independent business to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s market. As such, it is wiser to invest in a franchise of an already established company to ensure stable profits. That being said, if you would like to make substantial gains as soon as the next couple of years, then it is necessary to invest in the right sector at the right time.

We believe that sector to be the Cannabis Dispensary franchises. They have been booming ever since 2019 due to the legalization of marijuana in several states. Given that the field is still developing, and there are no industry giants to speak of yet, now would be the best time to open up a Cannabis Dispensary via a renowned franchise.

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Frequently Asked Questions